Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I'm Moving!

Blogger has been very mostly good to me for the past 4 1/2 years. I am grateful. Really. Now that my brand is growing, I need more.

It's not you, Blogger. It's me.

October 1st is my target date to switch the www.charleneignites.com domain over to my new ModX site. (ModX is a content management system that I've chosen over Blogger, Wordpress, or other options as the new home for an entirely new website which will also include a blog.)

So, if you have this page bookmarked under either the beamingbalance or blogspot domain, you'll want to change that. If you are viewing this through the Google reader dashboard, then you'll want to enter your email address in the "Subscribe" space on the sidebar and also follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Okay, you don't have to do all three. But it sure would make me happy.

Thanks in advance and watch this space! Until it becomes a new space. Then watch that one.


PS: Just posted a new video on YouTube about the "Power of Persistence":

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