Thursday, June 27, 2013

Got Stress? 5 Sanity-Saving Sayings

So, how's your week going?

Me? I've been on vacation in the Shenandoah Valley, so no complaints here. I'm (mostly) feeling my "inner zen" despite keeping up with emails, daily branding tasks, and a sales call or three. One of the benefits of loving what I do is that it never truly feels like "work."

My husband keeps saying things like, "Tell them there are no meetings on vacation." Poor dear. He just doesn't understand.

And I... simply can't help myself. "Oh look!  My Facebook fan page just passed 600! I must create a congratulatory graphic!!"

I'm sure there's an applicable support group somewhere in Virginia though I have tried to limit myself to early or late hours so as not to take away from family time.  I'm not a monster, ya know.

Despite my general sense of enjoyment, of course there are stressful moments here and there. There are contracts not getting signed quickly enough, various scenarios that don't go as planned; plenty of people, places, and things that aren't as I think they "should" be.

Oh -- and I have a budding teenager. Hormone jackpot. Yikes.

When life gets hectic, it helps me to have a few mantras that I can quickly pull out of the mental toolbox. These are the basics that keep the "overwhelmed" feeling away.

True life balance comes from the inside-out and all that.

As we wind up the week, I thought I would briefly share some of my favorite sanity savers:

1. This is not life or death.  When I had a regular "office job," I used this one quite a lot.  Even still, if I ever need to talk myself or someone else off a ledge, I remind them/me that we are not doing brain surgery. Sometimes we make little things far bigger than they deserve. We must keep things in perspective.   (My experience in Cannes helped me learn this.)

2. This too shall pass.   Sometimes you may feel like you won't live through certain situations. But you will. (Well, most likely... unless you're having brain surgery and your doctor ascribes to philosophy #1.)  It helps to think of all the other crap we've survived which is now a mere memory.  This will pass.  The good times pass too so this is also a great reminder to be grateful when things are going well.

3.  Life is about choices.  While we do not have any control over other people, places or things, we do have control over our reactions and (to some extent) our feelings about what happens around us.   Still, when I feel like I'm giving way to much power to others to the detriment of my own sanity, I take that power back.  I choose peace, health and happiness. 

4.  Put it in a bubble.  Sometimes, in order to get to #3 we have to let go.  Put it in a bubble and let it float away.  This is in the category of "it is what it is."  You can also sweep it or flush it.  As an admitted over-thinker, this is an important one for me. 

5.  It's five o'clock somewhere.   Hey, we all have our vices. Whatever works.

Hope you all had a GREAT week.  What are your favorite sanity-saving sayings?


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