Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Juicing Confession

After a few months of consistent "practice what I preach" mode, I finally lost the last 10 lbs to my goal weight while also increasing muscle.  *YAY!*

Recently, a (not creepy) co-worker noticed my improved physique and asked for my secret.   I shared that in addition to a new killer boxing routine, I've been "juicing."

Seeing his slightly horrified expression I quickly clarified, "Fruits and vegetables; NOT steroids!"

We both laughed. I made a secret note to myself to cut back on my bicep workout.

My Facebook fans thought it was funny too. As a side note of utter shamelessness, if you're not already in on my daily antics and funny / inspiring updates, please "like" my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/charleneignites  (You rock! Thanks!)

Anyhoo, I am very much enjoying my juice adventure. Sometimes I look up recipes online but mainly I just experiment based on what I have in the house and/or what I find at the store that looks interesting.

Wanna try it?   It's not as intimidating as you think!
     1) Buy or borrow a juicer based on budget and availability.
     2) Pick fruits & veggies you think (or someone tells you) go together.
     3) Wash 'em and cut 'em into chunks that fit into your juicer.
     4) Juice according to the directions on your juicer.
     5) Drink up. If you want sweet but it's not sweet enough, add a Splenda. If you want savory but it's not tasty enough, add some salt or hot sauce.

I realize I'm not being truly instructional here but the whole point is to have some fun.  Experiment.  Tweak. Enjoy!

My favorite savory juice is a homemade V8: tomato, celery, cucumber, kale, lemon (no rind), red bell pepper, romaine & carrot.  (Sometimes it's only a V4 or V5 depending on what I have around.)

My favorite sweet juice lately is carrot, orange, melon, & ginger.

One of the "complaints" about juicing is that you don't get the fiber. So, what I often do is save the dry fibrous stuff that doesn't get juiced (like what's in this bowl) and make muffins or bread out of it.

The kids LOVE it, especially when I add butter and cinnamon/sugar shake on top. What's not to love? YUM!

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Good luck!!

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webb said...

Sounds interesting, but i have a question. ARe you drinking your juices in addition to meals, as part of meals, or in addition to meals? I'm not much for drinking calories ... except those from fermented grapes .. because of the sneaky calories. What's the strategy there?

Lynn B. said...

what a great idea to use the extras for breads! Thanks for sharing.

Charlene said...

I'm typically doing the juice first thing in the morning instead of coffee (when I don't usually eat anything) or right after I workout as a part of my post-workout snack. So, I guess it's "in addition to" but it seems to keep me sticking with smaller meals and/or healthier snacks. And, I only juice once a day.

Wrey Swift said...

I love carrot juice, my aunt used to do this when I stayed with her.
She used to mix the dry fibrous stuff in a scrambled egg! ^◡^

P.S. Thank you so much for dropping by. Glad to follow back. ^◡^


kim bim said...


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