Thursday, April 11, 2013

Google Helps Those Who Help Themselves (Apparently)

As many of you know, I have been working on a new book for a while now and am committed to getting it into print this year.  More to come on that.  I will also have some news soon on a big transition for this blog that I hope you will love and support.  Stay tuned!!

Given that I am a fan of indoor plumbing and other luxuries, my daytime hours are dedicated to the job that actually sends me a paycheck on a regular basis.  This means working on the book during odd hours, sometimes when my brain looks a lot like the Zumba class at my local nursing home.

Early this morning, I was having a "senior moment" whilst trying to craft an inspiring pitch and new title (another long story) for my book.    Desperate for anything that would get the ol' wheels turning again, I did a random keyword search on Google for the overall idea of what I was trying to convey.

What came up was a full page of links to stuff I had written: blog posts, comments I've made on other blogs, my Facebook page updates, LinkedIn notes etc..

Apparently the universe (or at least Google) knew that I had the answers I needed all along!

The top link was an article that I wrote for Ferrazzi Greenlight a couple of years ago.  I wrote this under a very tight deadline while also attending my brother's destination wedding.  The final post ended up being more intimate than I had planned and as such, different from the type of stuff the site typically usually uses.  Still, I think it's a good representation of my voice as both writer and person.  I like it.

Since I want to stay on Google's good side and not get spanked for posting duplicate content, the link will have to do.

Check it out!

"Igniting Generosity with Gratitude"
a myGreenlight Guest Blog by Charlene DeCesare


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Teresa McCluskey said...

That is really neat! And yes its a good thing to have Google on our side!

Sarah-Louise Bailey said...

Go google! And what a fab reminder that sometimes you know what you need to know all along x

Kristi C said...

My BFF is Google for sure!

Charlene said...

Thanks Teresa, Sarah-Louise, & Kristi for stopping by! Cheers and go Google! (LOL)

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