Saturday, October 6, 2012

Five Ways to Steal Back Time

So back to the question of, "How do you do it all??"  For me, it's not actually so much a matter of getting everything done.  Thanks to years of childhood trauma wisdom and experience, I'm both extremely OCD organized and have an intense fear of failure very goal-oriented.

The question is really how to do it all and not lose my mind.  Oh, it will all get done but will there be any survivors?

That's why I spend so much energy focusing on how important it is to take time to take care of ourselves, have fun, move, play, laugh. We must nurture our spirit, mind and body.

All that said, last I looked there are only 24 hours in a day.  Reality check. Something has got to give. 

With that in mind, I thought I'd share just a few adjustments I've made in order to steal back a few extra minutes here and there.

1. I've lowered my standards of "clean."  Instead of needing my house to be spotless at all times, I've decided that not embarrassing will work.  This paradigm shift is easier than you think.  Just pretend you're a man.

     1a. Scrubbing the floor now involves a spray bottle of Windex and a dishcloth under my bare feet as I shuffle around picking up toys and other items which magically appear on the floor with no (admitted) human intervention.

2. I'm a big fan of exercising all day long instead of trying to fit in a "workout" in one big chunk of time. For example:
       * See #1a.  It counts!
       * Running in place while waiting for the microwave, coffee maker or dear hubby to get out of the bathroom (which could actually be a long run.)
       * Playing "personal trainer" with my kids where they take turns giving everyone else exercises to do. Think "Simon Says" with more muscle confusion. 
       *  Doing commuter crunches.  Specifically, tiny abdominal muscle contractions while driving.  Glute squeezes too.  Nope, not kidding.   My office used to be 55 miles from my house.  One can't drive that much and not get creative.  If you don't commute, make them "Facebook crunches."

3. Spiderman (who will be eight in January) loves the "laundry game." He knows how to gather the clothes from around the house, sort by colors, measure detergent and start the washing machine.  He thinks it's fun and wants to learn how to use the dryer now.  I'm a genius, I know.  

4. Twelve-year old Miss M. has just been hired as the official lunchbox lady for herself and Spidey.  This has double time savings since not only don't I have to make the kids' school lunches, I also don't have to waste time arguing with them about what they want.  Miss M. now has freedom of choice (with parameters), pride in being more independent and a passive aggressive way to get at her brother.  She's also the official Dish Queen.  It can be quite dramatic when the sink is full of yucky dishes but it's a good way to teach her that sometimes life includes suffering.

 5. Sunday is now food prep day.  I take the time to make a few big batches of stuff for the week and/or get items prepped. For example, this weekend I'll make a big bowl of my citrus chickpea quinoa salad. Yum!  I'll also get all my veggies for the week washed and prepped into resealable bags or containers.  If they ever have a "Top Sous Chef" reality show, I'm so in.

There you go.  I would love to hear your fun time-saving tips so please do share!  (Even if you don't, I still love lots and lots of comments!!)


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