Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day ???: Stop(ped) the Insanity!

I know, I know.... I left ya hangin'.  Sorry about that. 

Here's the final review:

The first 35 days of the Insanity program are intense but doable.  I didn't lose any weight but I did build endurance and I felt stronger.  Not my "ideal" result but good enough to keep at it.

And then... it just all fell apart for me.

Reason #1:  The workouts in the second half of the program are too damn long.  Aside from the extra physical drag, there's a huge mental leap from exercising so intensely for around 35 minutes to doing closer to 60 minutes.  Two friends who also stopped Insanity at the same point mirrored this exact sentiment. 

(Note that the P90X workouts are also an hour but P90X has Tony Horton.  Tony has a unique way of making the time disappear. It's a gift.)

Reason #2:  I'm not a fan of hurting myself.  When doing any kind of intense fitness routine, there can be "good pain" and "bad pain."  My chiropractor and I both decided that I had transcended into the "bad pain" zone after I pulled my back out during the first week of the higher level Insanity workouts.  I tried to keep going but had to modify so many of the moves for safety that it really didn't feel worth it.

Okay, so I couldn't hack it.  Maybe it's genetics?  I do come from a long line of doughy Italians.  Growing up, I was an alto in the chorus and editor of the school newspaper.  I have never run a marathon or played organized sports.

Then again, I did jus' fine with P90X.  (Twice.)  

The bottom line is that I would personally only recommend Insanity for those who are highly athletic and/or under the age of 30.  No matter what, if you have ANY past injuries, I would steer clear.

For the effort, I think P90X is far more bang for the buck, much safer, and way more fun.     For beginners, I would start with the regular Power90, also by Beachbody.com.  Don't let the lack of "X" fool ya' -- it's a great fitness program with a much simpler nutrition plan than the others.

Thanks for your ongoing support. I hope my experience was helpful to you!

Carpe diem!

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