Friday, February 24, 2012

Life is Like a Box of Diamonds

My Personal Strategic Management methodology is based on relating 25 years of professional success to a perspective and process that brings personal success.  Sometimes it's vice versa.   As a central theme, it's the ability to have true life balance regardless of what is happening at any one moment in time.

As my regular readers know -- when I say "life balance," I am not talking about "work/life" balance.

For me, there's no seesaw with work on one side and life on the other.  In the past I have said that it is more like a great juggling act.   Being centered and healthy at the core (mentally, physically, spiritually, etc) is what enables us to handle all those crazy balls.  And... not freak out when one of them turns into a monster head and tries to eat our face.  Hey, stuff happens.

All that said, I was just reflecting on my days as a jewelry store sales manager, and had an epiphany.  

While I still think the whole juggling analogy is true, I just got this thought that maybe our lives are like diamonds. Something precious with lots of facets and angles.   Simple, yet complex.  Sometimes radiant, sometimes dull.  

So much of how we see the beauty is about perspective and our ability to shine light in just the right way, even when we don't see the luster.

Today, I hope you will see your own life as a precious diamond.   Let your authentic self radiate from the inside out.   Believe in the beauty that is you.  Flaws and all.

When things aren't as "shiny" as you would like them to be, see if you can shift your perspective to find the light.

Carpe diem,

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