Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Hot Air Balloons

 Yeah, I know.  I always break the rules for these meme things. Like I could be "wordless."

That said, I do want to share some pictures of the balloons that drift by my house on most warm days. 

They are extra special to me because they remind me of my dad.  We once went in search of a hot air balloon festival, got comedically lost on the way, and then arrived only to find out that we were too late and the balloons were all packed up for the night. 

After my father moved to Florida, I would call him every time I saw a hot air balloon and we would laugh about the time we drove all over God's green earth looking for that festival. 

Right around the time Daddy passed away, a balloon company set up shop in my town.   Now the balloons come by so often, you'd think the novelty would have worn off.    I'm pretty sure it has for my Facebook friends who get the irritation joy of seeing my pictures day after day. 

For me, each puff of air and heat gives a little tug at my heart. When I hear that familiar burst, I can't help but stop whatever I am doing and run outside.

As the balloons go by I hear my dad saying, "Hey there little kid. Remember that time...."


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webb said...

i love the one peaking over the trees. your dad would approve!

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