Saturday, September 15, 2012

Metabolic Detoxification Anyone?

Once a year I like to do a "cleanse."  Usually it's at the end of August or September after too many summer cookouts and too much lounging on the lake with various adult beverage concoctions.

I'm a major fan of Kathy Freston's 21-Day Quantum Wellness Cleanse and have written a lot about my experience with it.

Apparently I'm also a sucker for pharmaceutical marketing. I kept seeing a giant poster at my chiropractor’s office for the Metabolic Detoxification System by Metagenics. Brien Shamp has a pretty good marketing description of what it’s supposed to do if you want to read the fabulous claims.  
With rave reviews from the folks in the chiro office and the doc's assurance that it wouldn’t hurt me, I thought I’d give the program a shot. I paid $84 (a bargain really) and took home the following:

        • UltraClear Renew Rice Protein Powder (aka “medical food”)

        • Advaclear Liver Support Capsules (aka “mega multi-vitamin”)

        • Cool shaker cup

        • Program guide

        • Handy tote bag

I’ll keep a diary and post my notes every few days. It won't be literature but we’ll see how it goes.


The plan: Eliminate all refined sugars, alcohol, caffeine, packaged/processed foods, meat, poultry, fish

My day: Since I'm already vegetarian, this wasn’t so bad. The hardest part was not being able to rely on convenience foods (such as crackers, fake meat foods, etc).   Day one of no caffeine or alcohol; no biggie. I can do this.

The instructions on the vitamin supplement say to “take two capsules one to three times daily.” I kinda wish they were a little more specific but decide to just take two and made a note to call the chiro for clarification. He did say, "Call me anytime."  (Bahwhahahaha.)

Tip:  Bring the program guide to the grocery store or make a photo copy at 75% reduction and stick it in your wallet.


The plan: Also eliminate dairy and eggs. Do one scoop of the “medical food” protein drink twice during the day.

My day: I feel this odd sense of regret that I didn’t eat eggs or milk yesterday. Even though it didn’t occur to me to crave those things before, I want them now that I can’t have them. It’s a mystery.

Ended up eating a lot of fruit since I was at a conference and it was the only option. They had a yummy "berry bar" -- like a salad bar but with berries. Cool, right?

I mixed the protein powder with some outrageously expensive pure berry juice. Later I had some veggie stew I had already prepared and some rice.

Headache mid-day which I’m guessing is caffeine withdrawal. A glass of wine would have been good at the end of a crazy day. Settled for mineral seltzer in my favorite wine glass instead. It kinda worked actually.

Tip:  Fill the shaker most of the way with juice or other liquid before adding the powdered mix.  That way you avoid having big clumps of mix stuck to the bottom of the shaker.


The plan: Also eliminate most grains except rice and a few other things I wouldn’t eat anyway. If you happen to like amaranth or millet, you are free to enjoy them on day three. Do one scoop of the “medical food” protein drink twice during the day.

My day: Somehow I’m upset that I haven’t lost a single pound yet. I know this isn't a diet and the food changes have actually been fairly minor (plus all that fruit) but I am still disappointed. Not rational, I know. I only admit it because I'm sure I am not alone. Don't judge me.

Very tired today. Went out to eat at a Japanese hibachi restaurant; ordered rice and grilled vegetables (plain; no soy sauce). Realized too late they used butter on the grill but decided to eat the food anyway.   Drank herbal decaf tea and bubble water.  Still not missing the booze which shouldn't be a surprise but kinda is. 
Tip: Plan, shop, and prepare for days 5 - 7 now since they will be the most restrictive. Google "metabolic detox recipes" for some great ideas.

Late note: The “cleanse” part of the detox kicks in. Need I say more?


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