Sunday, November 25, 2012

Must be High School Reunion Time

I can always tell when reunion season crops up. All I have to do is look at my blog analytics by keyword. 

Mind you, it's been slightly more complicated with the Olympics this year; I feel badly for everyone who came here only to find out that this site has nothing to do with gymnastics.  Note that I am also slightly concerned that the top "balance beam" search terms are "has anyone died on the balance beam," "balance beam deaths," "balance beam fatalities," and so on.  Morbid curiosity I guess. Either way, I got nuthin'. 

All that aside, today has been a banner day for reunion-related Google searches leading to my blog:

That's just page one but you get the idea.

Not sure how "tony horton naked" ranked so high. I'm innocent on that one!  *blush*

Anyhoo, since the demand seems to be there I figured I'd bump up a link to that post (clickety click the link):


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webb said...

Don't know Tony Horton, but if you can get him naked ... more power to you!

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