Monday, August 27, 2012

If the Queen Comes for Tea (Cleaning Tips)

"How do you keep your house so clean?" people ask me.

To find out... please go to my NEW website where this article now resides.  THANKS!

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Rachel Cotterill said...

I do live in England, but I've yet to have a visit from the Queen! :-)

webb said...

An excellent post, Charlene. In general, I think we expect ourselves to keep things way too clean and we certainly add to our own stress. I like this approach.

Another possibility is to do a little bit everyday, but mainly I think this works for the straightening up (putting away that mail on the dining room table, for example). I have empowered my husband to clean anything at all that he thinks is really too dirty - that actually works, since his standard is far higher than mine.

And, a couple of times a year I spring for a couple hours of professional help (often via Groupon or Living Social). I let them CLEAN and then I can keep it picked up better for most of the time.

Bev said...

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new follower bev

Jessica said...

I love your philosophy! I stress about having a clean house, too, just because for me a clean house means a clean mind. If I'm around a lot of crap, I begin to feel really horrible and can't concentrate on anything but the mess.

I was keeping a cleaning schedule, but now, I just make it a point to do thorough cleanings of all rooms in the house throughout the week when I can, or when I have time. Bathrooms and floors are always cleaned on weekends, but everything else is cleaned throughout the week.

Chris Sheaffer said...

Love it, Charlene! You're a hoot!

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