Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 35/60: Insanity Q & A

Insanity Workouts:
Day 29 - 35: Recovery Week (Core Cardio & Balance)
Day 28: Rest
Day 27: Plyo Circuit
Day 26: Cardio Power & Resistance
Day 25: Cardio Recovery

Yep, I'm still at it.

The past six days comprised "Recovery Week" which meant doing much easier and shorter workouts.  Unfortunately, I am now so fully sucked into this craziness that the recovery week workout didn't feel challenging enough.   Twenty minutes of not quite sweating just wasn't satisfying.  

Sick, I know.

Yesterday, I ran five miles just to feel like I had done something.  It was a mistake.  My hip flexors and piriformis were not happy.  Ouch. 

So, in answer to reader Stephanie's question about what advice I would give to someone else starting this program:   Learn from my mistake and remember that when it says "rest" and "recover," you should REST and RECOVER.

Another reader, Tina, suggested that it would be helpful to have a little more detail about some of the exercises in order to gauge if it's something she would even want to attempt. 

There's one set called the "Level 1 Drill" that I think is a good example for you to try:
     * Do four push-ups
     * Staying at the top of your last push up, alternate bringing in your feet like you are running in place while in plank position.  Keep your butt down.
     * Jump your feet in and stand up, reach hands up to the ceiling
     * Go back down to plank and repeat, starting with the four push-ups
The Plyo workout calls for doing this series five times in total.  There is also a Level 2 Drill which is the same except for eight push-ups and "plank runs" instead of four.   Obviously, it's much harder in context of the other 30+ minutes of exercises but hopefully this gives you a general idea of what you're up against.

My friend Sarah shared with me that she bought a workout DVD she's been wanting to try but just hasn't been able to get herself to do it.  Knowing I'm also a mom who works full-time (etc) she wants to know how I actually do it.   Keeping it really simple, I focus on just two steps:
     1. Wake up earlier
     2. Push play

Replace your slippers with sneakers and sleep in your sports bra if you have to.  Don't make it more intimidating than it needs to be.  Get your arse out of bed and push the little button with the arrow on it.  Don't allow yourself to dread the workout or anything else you have to do the rest of the day.  Just start moving.

 If you have any other questions or if there is anything else I can do to help you, just let me know!


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webb said...

Ain't no way I'm attempting what you are doing, altho I am totally in awe of your perseverance. But, I do Jazzercise M-F mornings and do rather miss it on the weekends. Getting into the habit is definitely important for an exercise routine. Glad you are doing well. Push play, indeed!

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