Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 9/60: Creature of Habit

Day 9: Pure Cardio
Day 8: Cardio Power & Resistance
Day 7 (ish): Off
My last post referenced a day off.  Here is proof positive that if you give me an inch, I will take a mile.  Or at least, if you give me a day off from working out, I will take two. 

Routines make a difference. We are creatures of habit.   The lesson is that I need to do something in the morning on the "off" days whether it is an easy walk, a stretch, or even meditation.   If you are also someone who easily gets "out of the groove," I would recommend this for you as well. 

Even though I took two days off this week, I am counting it as one so as not to short change myself on workout days across the entire program. Also, I don't want to mess up my pretty tracking calendar.  

Meanwhile, this is family vacation week and we have been traveling.  Determined to keep my Insanity schedule, I was sure to have a DVD player on the trip and I have been diligent in my workouts so far.  

Vacation can be a tricky thing for some people.  I have friends (probably reading this!) who believe that exercise routines are done only before and in preparation for vacation.   The actual vacation is an excuse to eat a lot and not workout.   

My feeling is that vacation is the perfect time to focus on personal vitality; more time and less stress!

Whether I am truly getting better at this or it is just my "vacation state," I definitely felt stronger doing Pure Cardio this morning.  The first time I did this DVD I almost burst into tears.  Today I felt really energized.  It was still hard but in a much better way.  

One complaint I have (look at me, Mrs. Critical!) from yesterday's workout is that Shaun T. does zero upper body stretch.  As a result, my triceps were killing me today after having done all those dips in the Plyo workout.  I'll be adding some tricep, shoulder, and chest stretch to these routines from now on for sure. 

Thanks for hanging in there with me!


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