Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 4/60: You Call This "Recovery"??

Workout: Cardio Recovery (33 min.)

Having not done my workout until close to 8pm last night, I was relieved to see the words "Cardio Recovery" on the docket this morning at 6am.  The guy on the DVD cover looks like he is taking a much needed break, so that gave me some hope. 

All I can say is that Shaun T. really is demented.  (I say that with love.  Really.)    

Recovery implies easier.   Somewhere in the literature, they even refer to this as the "day off" in the workout series.   Seriously?

Then again, some people find yoga to be "relaxing."  I guess if you live in that world, then you'll see the "recovery" in this workout. 

I do not live in that world.

Still, I appreciated the slower pace of the movements as a nice change; a good opportunity to work on my balance and flexibility. 

As a total bonus, thanks to balancing on one leg with my head by my ankles, my body twisted, and my hand reaching for the sky, I spotted the missing case for my iPod in an odd spot on a shelf near my exercise mat.   I'm not sure I would have found it in any other position.

Thanks Shaun T!

See y'all tomorrow...

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