Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

My father used to always say, "People in love think they are invisible."

I've seen enough couples making out in the airport to know this is true.  When I see these people all super- powered with mutual infatuation, I feel torn.  Part of me wants to tell them, "GET A ROOM ALREADY!"
Okay, well sometimes I do say that.  I have no filter.  It's a gift.

The point is, I waver between feeling sincere happiness that there is still such love in the world and jealousy that sits just below the surface of judgment.

Schmoopie and Luv Muffin couldn't care less what I think.   They are happy.

My wish for you this Thanksgiving Day is that you love and appreciate life with pure joy.  Surround yourself with a protective, happy glow.   Be your complete, authentic self without censorship for the sake of others' (or your own) judgment.  

Be happy. 

PS:  This goes double to the pooping rainbow guy.

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Ms POSH said...

Following by from Monday Mingle to say hello.
Have a great day!

~LadyM said...

visiting from MBS and following :)

I'm not into the sucking face part of PDA and yes you're right, they do think they're invisible lol

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