Sunday, February 27, 2011

Practice What You Preach Much?

What was the last piece of advice you gave someone?   Do you practice what you preach?

Between this blog and my kids and work, I have lots of opportunities to nag at people give helpful guidance.

One of my favorite things about having the blog in particular is the public reminder to practice what I preach.  Instant accountability.  It’s the kind of thing which keeps my hand out of the candy jar at work because I know some of my co-workers JUST read about how I’m eating less sugar. 

As a side note, here's a little tip I discovered quite by accident: 
        Keep the sweet temptation (which of course you only buy for everyone else) in a tin container with a very noisy metal latch.  Mine came pre-programmed with a special frequency.  Listen.  *clang* *clang* 

Hear it? It's the sound of accountability saying, "You again?!  Seriously?"

The reality is that whether we are helping ourselves or others, sometimes it takes messing up a few times to get it right.   Even once we figure out how to do it, we gotta practice.  Fall down. Stand up.  Take any hero of yours in any field and most likely they didn’t come out of the womb naturally accomplished at what they are great at doing.

So, I take the expression "practice what you preach" to heart.  Nobody's perfect.

Still, it pays to at least try to heed our own advice.  Even better, next time you find yourself in a tough place ask, "What would I tell my best friend to do in this situation?"

As I'm always tellin' ya:  True life balance is internal.

Quite often we have the answers we need inside us.  We just need to listen.


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Tina said...

For me it all comes down to doing the WORK. I especially appreciate having other people set a good example for me to follow... although I recognize that sometimes I need to SET the good example too. Great post - thanks!


Mika said...

So true!
I'm following from the blog hop.
I'd love a follow back at

Sonal Chopra said...

Following you here from the weekend blog hop and your comment on blogfrog :)
Charlene, this is a lovely post! After all, we are our own best friends and it's always a good idea to listen to your own advise and follow what you preach! I completely believe that... it's amazing to have found your blog & I hope to learn a lot from you :) Following you on twitter and facebook. Congratulations on completely P90X :D I'm still working on my turbo fire prep.

Deb said...

"Practice what you preach"...that is exactly right. It takes practice to follow through with things. Sometimes you mess up and sometimes you get it right. Just never stop trying!

webb said...

Practice helps us realize that even when we slip up for a few days, we can start again and not have lost a whole lot of progress. Hope all is well.

Ginny Marie said...

I often know what I'm supposed to do, but sometimes I ignore that voice that comes from inside! Usually that voice doesn't like to be ignored, however, and I usually listen to it eventually. :)

Tammy said...

I've often thought that if I could be a fly on the wall to my own life, I would probably learn a lot about myself. On second thought, flies poop every three seconds so maybe I'll stick to reading this blog for some enlightenment. Love this one. :D

Sarah said...

It's always hard to look internally, because I might not like what I see. It's so much easier to look (and advise) others.

Feeling Fit with Dana said...

Great post, I agree completley. I give great advice to my friends, why not the same thing to myself! I tend to be much harder on myself when I slip up too!

Scather said...

Awesome post Charlene - humorous and inspiring :)
By the way, I just followed your blog! I found it via the SITS girls Follow and Be Followed thread. Please follow back! - thanks!

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