Monday, October 4, 2010

What is Your Passion?

I've been slightly MIA in the blogosphere for the past week or so.  You noticed right?  Right?

Oh well.  Anyway, I've been traveling and working pretty solidly for the past eight days straight.  Reminiscent of my circus days, I did two conferences in one week.  Both were on the opposite coast and both required schedules which started with breakfast, ended with after-dinner cocktails and offered few breaks in between.  Both involved meetings, filling my brain with information and much "networking."

And yet, these two "events" were also very different. 

In a nutshell, I spent the first half of the week talking about the "state of the state," how messed up certain things are in business and the theory about what smart people and companies will work towards. 

I answered the question, "What do you do?" roughly 134 times.

The second half of the week was spent in collaborative discussion about the solutions to some of these major problems opportunities. 

I answered (and asked) the question, "What are you about?" exactly 58 times. 

It may seem subtle but the difference is light years.   At this moment, I find myself wishing I wasn't so damned jetlagged and could find a way to eloquently describe all the subtle (and not so subtle) differences in greater detail.

However, this does not diminish my desire to share this great energy with you.  Put it in a bottle and save it up.  In case of emergency, break glass.

Anytime you need a little boost, just ask someone to share their personal dreams with you. 

Ask them, "What are you passionate about?"  

It's amazing what comes out!  Personally I think it's impossible not to "catch" the enthusiasm of someone talking about something which makes them truly excited to be alive.

This experience also really emphasized for me what I am passionate about.  Being here with you!   Personal Stategic Management.  My desire and ability to help people find true life balance from the inside out.

I feel so completely inspired and motivated by the people with whom I've interacted over the past few days.  It's like discovering a roadmap to a better place where the journey is as great as the destination.    I am so grateful and excited.... Stay tuned!

Carpe diem!
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foxy said...

Of course I noticed you were gone!

For so many of us, the difference between what we do and what we're passionate about is huge. I only wish my 8-5 job and my passions went hand in hand, but they don't.

Crystal Escobar said...

That is so great! I love that we have so much in common when it comes to our life goals and dreams :)

Young Yoga Masters said...

Congrats on your coast to coast conferences. I always feel great after I do some personal development. You must have got really good at your elevator pitch with all those questions.

I like the passionate question too. I'm passionate about motivating more kids by training teachers. Also seeing my business as global and not local. One thing that flamed the passion was how long it took for my mind to grasp the idea - its been an exciting unfolding.

Livy said...

I totally get the difference. It seems most people usually ask "what do you do?" I prefer asking about what peoples' passions are. Definitely gets more to the core of who people are as opposed to what they may do as a job.

I'm visiting from the SITS group.

PS. I see you did P90X. Do you think it is doable for a person who hasn't been working out regularly and had a baby 11 months ago?

Charlene said...

Foxy - you are always so sweet. Thanks for noticing! :) And yes, so true.

Crystal - Me too!!

YYM - to Foxy's point, you are very lucky that your work and passion align so nicely.

Livy - Honestly, no. P90X is pretty intense; I know I couldn't have done it within the first year of having any of my kids (even though I was fit prior.) I DO highly recommend starting with the regular Power 90 program by Much more "doable" and has two levels so you can start at the 1/2 and work your way to 3/4.

Feeling Fit With Dana said...

Charlene, I am so excited that we are in the same SITS group! I love reading your posts and your energy and passion really do come through! I think that personal development is so important. I read 10 pages daily and try to listen to 15 mins of audio daily too. I am passionate about living life, helping others and my family!

Sarah said...

Right now? Packing my stuff and hoping my mom will agree to move in with me. I can worry less if she's here instead of there. I'm tired and sore all over from moving furniture, so my passion for now and in the following months will be sleep. ;)

Holly said...

It would be so great if we could all do what we are passionate about...I am working on it.

Jenn of said...

Thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog. Glad to be on your tribe too. Although, am I the only one who is confused about what we are supposed to do each day with Tribe stuff?

Charlene said...

Nope Jenn - you're definitely not alone!

bernicewood said...

I definitely understand what you mean. I recently left a corporate position. While I was there, my first manager was very much a forward thinker. Our meetings and conf calls were not just rehashing how bad everything was, but talking about what we had accomplished and what we could build on. Then another manager was brought in. Total opposite. Every meeting was a state of affairs. No brainstorming no nothing. Hated it!
It is important to be surrounded by people who "get" you. Who understand your passion. I was recently at a bloggers conference, and loved it. Looking forward to Blissdom in Jan. It is noce to know there are others out there who think like I do! I am not alone!
I am a from SITS but I don't think we are in teh same tribe!

Leslie Limon said...

This post was just what I needed! I've been sick for 3 weeks and was really starting to feel depressed. Which was a major part in my blogging slump. (Thank you for commenting on Blog Frog!)

I'm your newest follower, because I don't want to miss any of your gems of wisdom. :)

NatureGirl said...

Wonderful! Thank you. Yes isn't that so true (asking people about their passion.) I did an experiment on that to entertain myself on a couple of flights recently. People may be reluctant to talk to strangers...unless you ask them flat out what their passion is. You will get an earful believe me. People open up. It is wonderful. Four legs of my trip and four very different very interesting people!

Melanie said...

Hello! I'm visiting from BlogFrog. So nice to 'meet' you! :)


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