Monday, November 19, 2012

A Little Less Talkin' and a Lot More Action

Thanks to everyone who commented and emailed me with their goals.  Big or small, it seems we all have some lingering thing on our life "to do" list.  It begs the question, how do we actually DO it?"

How do we get from "I really need to start working out" to actual sweat? 

         How do we get from "I really need to get going on this book proposal" to seeing words organized on a page? 

    How do we get from the intention of whatever that thing is we want/need/been meaning to do, to making it actually happen?

Okay, so we've established that it's not easy.  Whether it's finishing a scrapbook or taking charge of our health, it can be really hard to get our arses in gear.   We say "no time" but of course that's a fake objection.  This is evidenced by the fact that we make time for other people and tasks.

I'll cop to it.  I've been complaining about not having enough time to work on this blog.  And yet somehow over the weekend I managed to help two friends with their blogs.

I know I'm not alone.  I'm surrounded by "givahs" and I bet you're one of them too.

So back to question:  How do we get past the talking (or whining or postponing) to the actual doing?

Going back to my Personal Strategic Management approach, I believe the key is focusing on three steps:

1. Internal
       * Transform thoughts, feelings, words, feeding only positive energy.
       * Visualize yourself at your goal and believe it will be done. 

2. External
        * Engage in the actions which will get you to your goal.
        * Focus on making the right choices and acknowledge yourself for doing so.

3. Support
        * Ask for help.
        * Feedback, physical assistance, accountability and/or just the time and space for #1 & 2 to be possible are all critical elements to success.

For most folks, once we get inspired into action, the tendency is to only do #2.   "Just do it!" and all that. 

The thing is, it's just not enough to make the effort sustainable.   The actions are very important; life is about choices afterall.  However, we must have alignment and energy from the inside-out as well as support from the outside-in get us to long-lasting success.  

So, now think of that thing you want to accomplish and map out what you will start to do differently to get to that goal: internal, external and support.

Surround that goal and conquer it!

Carpe diem,
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webb said...

I need to work harder on that visualize thing. I truly believe it works. When I am working hard on improving my tennis, I visualize at night as I am falling asleep and I do believe it works. Now I need to try it on some more internal goals.

Sarah said...

Not only this is good advice for achieving whatever goal there is, it's probably necessary when dealing with my mom. Talking to her is always like a battle, and she always has to win.

Charlene said...

Webb - it does work! Energy flows where attention goes! :-)

Sarah - for you, I bet the positive internal talk and support are ESPECIALLY important. Hang in there!

The Meditative Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by my website and for the support! I'm already a fan of yours! Keeps me motivated!

Argentum Vulgaris said...

New make over is great. I redid a couple of my blogs a month or so ago and a new look makes a difference.


Reenie said...

Hey Charlene, new template!

I like it :)

Jess Webb said...

Hi Charlene!
Just found you through SITS and really like your blog! The new design is way cool and love the stuff you're talking about as well. :)

It's great how you've laid out this approach to getting things done. I've certainly been missing some of the internal pieces - visualizing & feeding only positive energy... This is a good reminder to pay more attention to those things - it's not all about JUST the action! ;)

Charlene said...

Med Mom: glad to know we can motivate each other - love it!

AV: Thanks for stopping by; I've been missing you and the old gang at the coffee shop.

Reenie: Thanks!

Jess: Thanks so much for the thoughtful feedback. So glad this made sense and is resonating! :-)

Kim Bauer said...

I am so glad we found each other. I had a big ole' smile on my face reading this post based on what is going on over in my world.

Let's support each other daily on this mission so that we actually make lasting change! said...

All I wanted to accomplish today was washing my hair. It's now 2:30 and it's still not done. Before this sounds too pathetic.....I've been working like a dog...on work since 8 this morning.

off to wash my hair for real this time!

Mel ~ said...

OMG I sooooo, need you in my life! I am Realy in need of the last factor, support. LOL@Nancy, I am right there with ya!

Charlene said...

Kim - I know, right?! Kindred spirits on a mission!

Nancy - Don't feel bad; I've been known to go to bed in my (clean) workout clothes that I wore all day with intention to workout (but never did!)

Mel - I'm here for ya! Please do follow and hopefully there is some good stuff here which will help you! If you're not already on SITS, I highly recommend it! :-)

Mel ~ said...

Thanks, I am. Still, following everyone like I want and keeping up is HARD! :P

Aruna said...

Charlene - glad to see your up and running with the new look. I like it a lot!

Great post. I've been working on an e-book for my niche of kids yoga. When my SITS day came up (quickly) yesterday I decided to do a pre-sale and commit to a launch date. I've tried this before but not so publicly. Now I've got to get it done! so i'm in Step 3, asking for help. And amazingly - I'm getting it.

Mel ~ said...

Wahoo Aruna! I think you are amazing; can't wait to get your "Yoga Man!" Thank you so much for extending the offer to us :).

Charlene said...

Ditto to what Mel said - congrats and all the best Aruna! Missed your FB post yesterday due to ttavels but will head over there now and add my best wishes for your special day. Very exciting all around! said...

Your posts are really so motivating! I need to learn to read them first thing in the morning rather than last thing at night! :)

Deb said...

I tend to be the perpetual planner. It's the action that's always stumped me. I'm finding this year that after constantly feeding your head with good stuff (I'm on book # 21 for the year) really helps. Also, I'm finding that by not planning as much and just leaping before you have all the details figured out is helping me to get moving on things. Love the post!

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