Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Superiority Complex

Bloggers are often accused of being the most egotistical people on the planet.

For my part, I blame all these awards I keep getting. Of course it's an ego boost. Seriously, there is no place else in my life where I'm told I'm doing a good job on such a regular basis.   No wonder I have a big ol' bloggin' noggin.  (Currently this matches my big ol' bloggin arse, but this is going to change soon thanks to P90X!)

This time, the honor is the Superior Scribbler Award bestowed upon me by a very funny Blogger Babe at Of Life & Layoffs.

Some people don't take blog awards seriously.  They complain about the chain letter feel and the overly sappy sentiments, especially when accentuated by hearts and flowers.

However, the Superior Scribbler Award is different.  It features a picture of a person writing.  Okay, well, scribbling.  But still, this image totally elevates the award in my opinion.

My ego will grow like a Chia head the moment I post this cute little scribbling guy on my sidebar.  You may want to stand back.

As you know, I normally find a creative way to avoid following the rules for these things. 

Since I don't want to sully the Scribbler and since I'm sitting in a hotel room 3000 miles away from home with a plane to catch shortly, I'll make an exception.


Winners (aka "Superior Scribes") must post The Award along with the Scholastic Scribbler link (Done.)

Superior Scribes must then visit that link and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List. That way, they'll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives this prestigious honor. (Done. I'm #1310.)

Next, link back to the author and the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award. (Done.  Thanks again Blogger Babe!)

I must also pass the award on to five equally deserving bloggers.  It would be my pleasure:

Dana at Feeling Fit with Dana
Lou at Live, Write, Dream
Michele at The Professional Family Manager
Foxy at The Fox Den
Jules at The Gravel Farm


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Feeling Fit With Dana said...

Wow, I am so honored!!! Thank you :) See no hearts or flowers......

Charlene said...

HA! Congrats!

foxy said...

Man, how sweet of you! Consider my day totally brightened!

Hunter said...

That's it, I'm making a broken hearts and dead flowers award that won't come with any rules. ;)

The 'Superior Scribbler Award' is well deserved. Keep up the good work!

UberGrumpy said...

I thought 'arse' was exclusive to we Brits. I sure am learning a lot from your blog.

Charlene said...

Hunter - you should totally DO it!!

UberG - my grandmother always said "arse"... she was Welsh, so maybe that's it?

G-Zell said...


I feel the same way exactly... hello we can't help it if people think we are as wonderful and awesome as we KNOW we are!



Ida Red (aka Richele) said...

I love that award also! You certainly deserve it, you are a skilled writer. Congradualtions to all those she bestowed the honor of that award on!

Just Playin' said...

Bloggers gotta keep bloggers pumped up I always say! Congrats. Thanks for the list to check out. I've never really journaled in a book or anything like that on a regular basis, but blogging is different somehow and addiction. Good job.

The Jules said...

Yay! Award! Yay!

*runs around room holding it aloft*

Bren said...

You know, I'm a newbie when it comes to blogging. Yet, I can't help but sit back, read my own endless babble and chuckle. :)
Congrats on the award!

Kate said...

Congrats :)

Well deserved

Kate xx

TC said...

Congratulations, I'm trying to process your chia head .....

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