Monday, December 21, 2009

Bad Hair Day

Here's a tip:  Don't tell your hairdresser, "Just do whatever you think will be fun."   Unless of course, you really don't care about the aftermath of such spontaneity.

Unfortunately, I say this from experience.  48 hours ago, I had more than an inch of hair around my entire head.  Now.... um, not so much.

I'm not sure what happened.  I'll admit that I did initially switch to this hair salon for no other reason than that they offer a complimentary glass of wine during each appointment.  (Don't judge me.)

As it turns out, my stylist is quite talented and I've been very happy there over the past couple of years. 

Still, I didn't imbibe during this most recent appointment.  Nope. I was stone cold sober when I had this temporary lapse in judgment.  Bummer.  I think I'd feel better if I could blame it on the ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-alcohol. (Heck, if you can blame a tramp stamp of the Superman logo on a few shots of tequila, anything is possible.)

Okay, so it's not a bad cut.  It's just really, really short.    It's basically similar to my profile picture with MUCH less hair.  Think "pixie" without the traditional elegant jaw line, cute upturned nose or 16" waist.

It's also not "low maintenance" hair which, at this stage of my life, I require. Pre-shower and styling, it looks a little like my four-year old was playing with the scissors while I was sleeping. 

I've had to be careful not to catch my reflection in the coffee pot or anything shiny for fear of bursting into tears at the sight. 

And the kids.  Poor frightened things.  "Mommy, did your head catch on fire??"

At the risk of a bad pun, I now realise that this is just the hair that broke the camel's back in my recent struggle to regain focus on inner strength, health and happiness.  That flippin' practice what you preach thing again.
The past several weeks have been extremely challenging, both internally and externally.  I thought Christmas shopping was going to push me over the edge.  Or at least, to the bottom of the slippery slope.  But I was wrong.  It was the hair.

I realise this seems terribly superficial.

But sometimes life lessons come from all kinds of weird places. Maybe it's symbolic?

It's just hair.  It's not life and death.   My happiness is not dependent on the coiffure (Thank God) or anything external for that matter.

Common sense, right?  I guess I just needed this really silly thing as a reminder that when the feces is hitting the flabellum (so to speak) my focus must be about feeling happiness from the inside --> out. 

In some bizarre twist of life balance learning, I needed a long series of (literal) "bad hair days" to be reminded that I do not have any control over people, places or things. 

Every morning when I look in the mirror (or the coffee pot), I will now think of this lesson. 

For those of you that think this is a stretch -- humor me. It's making me feel better about looking like I've just been through chemo.

In the meantime, if anyone needs a holiday gift idea for me... think HATS. 

Photo source: Graphics Hunt
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Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

The complimentary wine, was that for the patrons or the hair dressers...I'm just saying. :) The nice thing about hair is although it may seem a million years to grow out, it wont be that long till your modeling in front of your coffee pit again.

Hunter said...

Hi, Charlene. That was brave. I guess now you can call yourself a "Balance Marine."

Chanda @ The Eco-Cheap Mom said...

How about a photo so we can be the judge? We're our own worse enemy, right. I bet it looks good and you're just freaking out because it's so different for you. You look like you could pull off the pixie cut! It will grow back though, and in the meantime hats are very chic! :)

Sarah said...

i'm sure you look a lot better than that chinese crested! besides, short hair is in and hip and ... a great opportunity to wear hats! cheers!!

Serenityville said...

HELLO?? Picture??? You totally get bonus points for getting the word "flabellum" in a post. And Christmas points for the adorable cat. Everybody wants to go awwwwwww on Christmas. Chin up, by New Years eve you'll be feeling like the cats meow!

Rae said...

I have experienced those hair nightmares before. The good thing is it always grows back. Hopefully everyone will be so excited to open presents that they won't even notice - and you are right - hats are a good option.

plainolebob said...

Charlene, scarfs are good, or how bout a do-rag, they have some really cool ones
big hugs

Kitty Moore said...

You have a beautiful face so I'm sure you can pull off really short hair. Imagine how terrible it would be if you were really happy with your hair but you were pig ugly!

Have a lovely christmas.

Kate said...

Ah hair nightmares suck. Still it will grow out and hopefully Christmas will mean everyone is either to full and sleepy or too excited to comment

Kate xx

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Great piece! I have been tempted to cut my hair shorter. You helped me think about why I want to make the change.

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I have, over the years, said, "Do whatever you want" to my hairdress, provided that "whatever you want" is not coloring, cutting, or using chemicals on my hair (the three C's, if you will); basically, he could brush it any way he chose.

My mom, on the other hand, once said that to a stylist and ended up with a Kate Gosselin style cut with spiky purple offshoots. Niiiice.


Charlene said...

Thanks everyone! As an update, I've been working on styling it and it's sort of growing on me... (so to speak!) It's feeling a little more Liza and less Carol Brady meets Kate Gosselin now.

webb said...

Hair - our crowning glory and the bane of our existence! Don't be your own worst critic. You went to that salon because they had a good gig going, but you've liked the results in the past. You probably look dynamite, just not like you see yourself. Did I just use "own best enemy" and "self image" in the same comment? you're the queen of balance. As soon as you get a knack for doing it and it doesn't take so long, you'll probably like it. Merry Christmas! said...

It will grow back, it will grow back...I promise!! But I get it does look cute once you get passed the shock of it being short.

Melissa B. said...

Oooooohhhh...I'd just love to see a real picture of your new "do." The good thing about hair, though, is that it grows back, correctamundo? SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

Seagull Sunrise

Bren said...

awww I love the kitty pic. Don't kids always have the words to make you feel better? lol My son now calls me Mommy/Daddy just for laughs after my hair fiasco. All I can say is coal.

Sarah said...

I think you have a beautiful face for short hair, so I'm sure it looks great. I know how to feels when you regret a cut, though. Awful! It will grow sooner than you think. I just saw an article in "in Style" on how Victoria Beckham grew out her pixie cut in just a few months.

Richard said...

Merry Christmas, Charlene, and thank you for all your time and effort in producing a fine blog!

Ann Martin Photography BLOG said...

Umm, I NEED a photo so I can "relate".

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

AHHHH! I'm getting my haircut tomorrow. Now I won't sleep!

Thanks for stopping by Ma, What's For Dinner! Glad I got the chance to come check out your little pad! I'll be back soon for sure!

Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner?

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