Friday, October 2, 2009

If You Don't Like the Weather Here, Just Wait a Minute

There's something magical about growing up in New England.  I can't imagine living in a place where I couldn't experience distinct seasons in full grandeur. 

Okay, I'm lying. Put me on a Caribbean beach where it's just the right kind of hot everyday and the pina coladas are just the right kind of cold. And the cabana boys are just the right kind of...  Ahem!  Nevermind.

Since I actually do live in this *insert sarcastic tone* magical land, I might as well be appreciative. As far as these things go, our current season of autumn is pretty special.  Bring on the "leaf peepers" (aka tourists).

Having a lake in my backyard is especially rewarding as the water reflects the colors in painted perfection. (We also get a ton of hot air balloons like the one in the picture here.)  In the morning, we are graced with a silvery mist which gradually recedes, revealing a masterpiece of vibrant greens, reds and golds.  Beautiful.

Each season has it's own beauty I guess.  And yet, there are some flukes.  Snow in May.  Indian summer in November.  Ice storms in March which teach a person that lake water is not only pretty to look at but can also be used for flushing toilets when the power goes out for a week straight.

Yep, Mother Nature sure has a sense of humor.  And boy oh boy, do we like to talk about it. 

Playing off my last post, if Facebook put a ban on weather-related status updates, I know several folks who would have nothing at all to say.

Last June, it was all about the rain.  This week it's all about the cold.

"Charlene is bbbbrrrrrrrrrr."
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As I was getting ready to leave for work the other day, I noticed frost on my car windshield.  Begrudgingly, I went on the hunt for my winter jacket. I opened the storage closet where I (in my sunshine haze only three months earlier) had buried it. 

First, I found the hats, scarves and mittens.  They stared out at me from their cozy, vacuum-sealed SpaceSaver bag.  It was as if they had no greater desire to be unpacked from their nest than I had to release them.  I stuffed them back onto the corner shelf.  It's only October for goodness sake.

And then, there it was. Seasonal practicality, nestled between my daughter's wombat costume and my circa-Heathers black sequin mermaid gown.  Wool.  Warm and functional.  Perfect for cold weather.

Ugh. I couldn't do it.  I hastily closed the door of the storage closet without removing any of the contents.

In my car, shivering and driving with as little skin to steering wheel contact as possible, I was smug and rebellious. 

Kiss my grits, Mother Nature!


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Sarah said...

frost! i shiver at the thought of it. break out the light jacket and pour some brandy. it's time.

plainolebob said...

now that is braving the weather, the whole time I was in Boston I sat in the bay, froze in the mornin, froze at night, but was oh so pleasant the whole day long.

Charlene said...

Sarah - Brandy? I hadn't thought of that! (Though it would have made the work commute a bit difficult.)

Thanks Bob!

Antoinette said... your description of driving. That's what I do too. Or I use my shirt sleeves as buffers.

Here in Michigan, we get quite the smattering of all 4 seasons as well. We're talking about moving to Florida and that's one of the big things I'll miss. I will enjoy having a pool in the backyard that can be used year round though.

Esther said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I'd love a real change of the seasons where I live, but our winters are like an English summer.

Joy said...

New England is indeed beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS feature day!

Jenno said...

Sounds like the kind of weather I used to get while living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan -- snow in May, warmth in November, although they don't get much for ice storms. That's Indiana's territory. :)

I'm with you on the tropical island thing. I've been saying for a couple years now that I'm going to run off for Hawaii and never miss the main land.

Alison Russell said...

I don't know how many times I've said that about the weather here in New England! DH keeps wanting to go someplace warm, but I'm a confirmed New England girl. I love snow! Specifically, I love looking out the window at it from my warm armchair, with a cup of hot chocolate and a book :)

Central CT is just enough south of you that we haven't had frost yet, but I can tell it'll be time to uproot the last of my dying tomato plants very soon!

Julie said...

Ah, yes I would be one of those tourists. Having lived in Florida for 22 years, one can only dream of the "Fall" weather. Today, it is 89F. Washed both cars today in clear blue skies and plenty of warmth. I really need a place with a change of seasons.

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

I can't even keep up with the weather here in NYC. One day it is hot and muggy and the next day it is freezing cold. I guess that is why I have a cold right now. By the way, that lake behind the house sounds beautiful...

TC said...

I love the tone of your blog, cabana boys..... ahem, and on your profile: not sure why this blog is in the third person, I'm following. GREAT BLOG! And I hardly ever say that with all caps!

Charlene said...

Julie - maybe we can change places for a couple of weeks? LOL!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments!

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

I feel bad now. I complained all morning about being cold. It was 65 degrees. You've got to live in Southern California where when one itsy bitsy drop of water hits the ground all the channels break into the show your watching for STORM WATCH! Then you know. Fall's here. LOL

Anne - mommyhastowork said...

I live in south floida, so.... well, it hardly gets cold here. I'd love to be where you are though, only for a day or two! :)
Thanks for visiting

Just Playin' said...

We should house swap. You could see Atlanta and I could see "up there". Found you on Bob's blog. Loved his piece too. Enjoy the view.

Hunter said...

What are these "seasons" of which you speak? In Florida, we have "hot" and "freakishly hot."

Charlene said...

LOL @ Hunter! My sister lives in Ireland so I'm just waiting for the similar "rain or more rain" comment!

plainolebob said...


plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Autumn is underrated but winter is the one for me. The wind and rain battering the window pane as you're tucked under 13.5 togs of goose feathers. Bliss.

MotherhoodFilm said...

I love the Fall. Although growing up on the West Coast and now living on the East, Fall is a very different thing than I was used to as a child.

Popping in from Twitter to let you know about my new movie about a Mommy Blogger! Follow me @MotherhoodFilm for chances to win tickets, prizes and more!

jason evans said...

This fall is really falling. Frost?? Dear Lord.

Sarah said...

Yup, I'm from Canada and I can totally relate to your post!

I've been wearing a scarf, gloves, and a couple of shirts underneath my raincoat for the past 2-3 weeks..and they say that it's colder than the past years!

But I really think that I would miss seeing snow every year if I had to move in the South. I'm kind of eager for it to come beats the constant rainy days of automn any time!

By the way, your blog is very well written and interesting!

Midnite Skys said...

Oh yea here in Ohio today it was 64 degrees, last week is was in the 30's. Yep I say Welcome to Ohio if you don't like the weather wait a day it will change all the time!! SO warm weather is heading your way!

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