Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 19 of QW Cleanse: Energy

I got home pretty late last night, emotionally and physically exhausted. Finally ended up falling asleep sometime after midnight. Woke up around my usual time this morning, about 5:30am.

In the "olden days" - ya know, 19 days ago - I would have automatically gotten some Sumatra Blend brewing this morning, convinced that I was incapable of getting through without the extra caffeine boost. Admittedly, I would have also have had a couple glasses of wine last night which would have exacerbated the need.

By way of confession, I have to admit that during the wake yesterday I made a secret agreement with myself to allow a glass of wine after the service. A toast. Cheater. I know. It was only dumb luck that my traveling companions chose a restaurant which didn't serve alcohol (but did have rice noodles.) My friends unknowingly saved me from myself and kept pure my quest for 21-days of quantum wellness.

Anyway, my real point is that I notice I have so much more ENERGY these days. A few stressful days and slight sleep deprivation would have wrecked me before. But I actually feel really great right now.

For someone who has been tired most of her life, having this level of energy truly is a gift.

And, (insert Mae West impression) if I do say so myself, I'm not lookin' too bad either.

Seriously - I'm getting kinda fond of having a completely flat stomach and being able to wear the next smaller size clothes in my "Oprah closet."

At the beginning of this 21-day process, the focus seemed to be about giving up stuff. Yet, as I think about day #22 and beyond, I'm really not prepared to give up the way I feel (and look) right now.

I'm predicting that at some point in the future I'll be writing something with a title like, "Post Cleanse: Having My (Gluten-Free) Cake & Eating it Too."
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