Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 17 of QW Cleanse: Horror Stories

Epilogue added on Day 21: I'm noticing that I get a TON of Google hits for people looking actual "horror stories" about the Quantum Wellness Cleanse. Since many only seem to read this one post, I wanted to make it clear that this has been a WONDERFUL experience for me with no adverse effects whatsoever. I also wanted to share that I consulted my doctor and she confirmed that Kathy Freston's plan is completely sound (for me) from a medical standpoint. Thanks and I hope you read (and enjoy) all 21 days of my QW Cleanse blog-o-rama!


On Day 5 of this Quantum Wellness Cleanse I wrote about how many people have a hard time supporting big changes in other people's lives, especially when it comes to any perceived "extreme." Food, fitness and parenting seem to be the biggest hot buttons. The defensive response mainly stems from insecurities which don't allow some individuals to separate their own issues from what would be helpful to you and/or your relationship.

This week I've found a whole new class of non-supportive. These are the "urban legend folk."

In response to this cleanse, I've heard all kinds of horror stories about how people have almost DIED from giving up one or more of the things I'm forgoing for this plan (caffeine, alcohol, gluten, sugar, animal products.) The vegan thing in particular attracts some amazing tales of fatal iron deficiency, fingernails falling out, overwhelming gastric side effects and the like. It's always about a "friend of a friend" so it's hard to decipher fact from fiction.

Mind you, urban legend folk are also the ones who, upon hearing of your wedding plans, may tell you about someone they knew (rather, that their cousin's friend's sister knew) who just got married after dating for twenty years and then died on their honeymoon. Or when you're finally pregnant, they've got a treasure trove of stories about fluke miscarriages or babies with extra or missing limbs. (Maybe *gasp* the mother was a *mouth the word* vegan.)

The urban legend folk are not necessarily insecure or mean. They're just ignorant. I say that with love. Really, some of my best friends are urban legend folk.

These are well meaning citizens who are simply trying to find some connection between this really extreme thing you're doing, like not eating meat or having a child, and their own lives.

Depending on the person, you may choose to educate or ignore. (I've learned from experience that slapping someone upside the head makes you feel better for the moment but isn't ultimately productive.)

The important thing is that you do not internalize, freak out or doubt yourself.

Remember: Confidence = Capacity.
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Wendy said...

I found this after searching because I'm doing this cleanse & my face has broken out badly...

As for the "horror stories" ...

You can't go vegan without giving some consideration to your body's nutritional needs and making some attempt to fulfill them! Of course your body needs iron, DUH! This just makes me laugh. I'm not a dedicated vegan, but I do know that it is a very healthy diet that can fill all your dietary needs.

The thing is, an iron deficiency shows up in more obvious ways than a Vitamin A deficiency, or a Calcium deficiency. Vegans are overall far healthier than your average meat-eater, especially if they're doing it smart. Many Americans have HUGE deficiencies in their diets that they don't even know about. They just wander around wondering why they're overweight, unhealthy, and feel terrible.

People are largely kinda stupid.

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