Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 16 of QW Cleanse: Bad News/Good News

Bad News

Finally made something with tofu: a coconut rice and green bean stir fry. The rice and beans were awesome. The tofu...not so much.

Not knowing anything, I bought the "firm" tofu. I saw "silken" and "extra firm" so I thought something in the middle was probably safe. Yes, I know every experienced vegetarian reading this is laughing at me.
Anyway, I had sort of "seared" it in a small amount of vegan butter so the outside was almost crispy. This turned out to be the only redeeming quality. The little cubes were still spongy/squishy in the middle which kinda freaked me out actually. I think I ate something like this at a haunted house once. You may have gathered from previous posts that I'm really sensitive to food textures.

I'm certainly open to suggestions but I'd say my first pass was about a "C-".

Good News

My sister reminded me about nutritional yeast or savory yeast as it's called in some countries. The funny (ironic or haha, not sure - maybe both) thing about this is that I've actually bought this at Whole Foods and shipped it to my sister in Ireland since she wasn't having any luck finding it when she first moved there. Yet, it never even occured to me to try it myself before. Until now.

It comes in either a big canister which looks like powdered baby formula or a smaller one which looks like grated parmesan cheese (or as my kids call it, "shakey cheese.")
The fine flakes taste sort of nutty and cheesy at the same time. I've used it on veggies and on pasta, much the same I would use "shakey cheese."
Despite the name which actually sounds rather disgusting, nutritional yeast tastes remarkably good. Today I even had a spoonful of it alone. It's loaded with vitamins and minerals; even claims to be the only reliable food source for B12. Bonus!
I'd take a couple tablespoons of nutritional yeast over tofu anyday! Actually, just based on my experience today... I'd take almost anything over tofu.
Tomorrow is another day though!

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