Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 14 & 15 of QW Cleanse: Weekend Update

Wow, Days 14 & 15 of my Quantum Wellness Cleanse. The weekend. End of week two and start of week three.

Tomorrow morning I'll go into work and everyone will be asking each other, "How was your weekend?" .My office happens to be right next to the coffee maker so the ritual is both familiar and predictable.

For the most part, it's just the Monday morning version of the standard passing, "How are you?" with the appropriate response being something along the lines of, "Great. And you?"

If someone strays off script and asks, "What did you do this weekend?" that opens a whole can of worms and ya know, anything can happen. Personally, I've learned that brevity is always appreciated.

So... my weekend was great. Boat parade and lake party Saturday. Sunday was fun but productive. (And you?)

Now that the formalities are out of the way, let's get down to Quantum Wellness.

Two new food discoveries:

#1. With all the craziness of the morning prepping for the boat parade, I didn't plan as well as I should have re: food. Luckily I did make my quinoa chickpea salad as promised. Otherwise I might have let hunger get the best of me. The rest of the menu was meat, meat, meat, coleslaw, potato salad, chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Everyone was eating chips and drinking beers -- or as we say in the Northeast, "beeahs." I was officially visiting the dark side. Except I could only looky, no touchy.

Hey - wait. POTATO CHIPS (or "crisps" as some of you would call them.) Ingredients: potatoes, sunflower oil, salt. I can go to the dark side! Okay, maybe you wouldn't consider this naughty. But in my pre-cleanse life, potato chips were a big "no-no." A moment on the lips for a lifetime on the hips and all that.

Somehow sitting with everyone and being able to eat those chips made not having all the other stuff reasonable. I was no longer just the skinny bitch eating *insert exaggerated sarcastic tone* quinoa salad instead of real food like the rest of the party-goers. Though that implies that I ate chips due to fear of judgment which isn't the case. I already know I'm being judged; that almost goes without saying at this point. The truth is I just love potato chips and in my mind I was having this incredible treat. Salty, crispy deliciousness. Add "vinegar" the list of ingredients and it's a PMS dream. Yum.

#2. Much less dramatic, but I discovered SMOOTHIES. Wanting to do something creative with the vanilla almond milk I just bought, I poured some into my mini-blender, added a big handful of frozen blueberries I had picked a couple of weeks ago with the kids and 1/2 banana. It was a little thick so I added a touch of water and blended again. Perfect.

Usually I don't like to drink my food -- which is why I could never do SlimFast or one of those liquid diets. But this smoothie was delish. I'm thinking it may be a good breakfast option. I'll have to keep my eyes open for a gluten-free protein powder. More berry picking is definitely on the agenda as well.

Onto the final leg of this quantum marathon. I still don't know where I'm going, but I can't wait to get there!
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Angela said...

I like to blend up soy milk, frozen berries, (adding frozen mango if I have it, for sweetness), some honey, and soy yogurt if I have it, and do it up thick and call it ice-"cream". It's a nice guilt-free dessert.

TC said...

Being known as the skinny bitch is ALWAYS a good thing, keyword skinny!! :-)

Charlene said...

Ha - absolutely! Thanks!

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