Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 8 of QW Cleanse: Reaction?

This morning I started the day with a banana and Yoga Booty Ballet . (Side note: I LOVE these workouts and highly recommend! Gillian & Teigh are groovy, fun, inspirational women who lead the workouts. Not at all your typical "and make it burn" aerobics of days gone by. As I looked up the link for you I noticed they have a new program called "Ab & Butt Makeover." I may need to make that my next venture!)

Afterwards, I made breakfast for the kids and spotted the veggie breakfast sausage in the freezer. I gave the label a cursory scan and heated up two links. Yummy.

Within maybe 20 minutes my stomach bloated up and I started getting abdominal pains. Back to the label. Wheat. Crap!

In my handy dandy Google search window, I typed "gluten reaction." Yup. Sounds about right.

The thing is, I didn't think I was allergic or sensitive to gluten. Yet, as I whined to -- I mean, discussed with -- my husband about it, it seems I'd had these symptoms quite often pre-cleanse. I've always connected it to my changing hormones. (Poor hormones, they get blamed for everything.)

It could be a coincidence; the jury is still out. However, I'm interested in exploring this further. After the cleanse, I may do a few days of keeping my diet the same except gluten and see if I notice any symptoms. Another experiment!

For now, it's just a reminder to read my labels much more carefully.

Week two continues....
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