Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 4 of QW Cleanse: Mindfulness

Today I woke up without the caffeine withdrawal headache so that was a great start to the day. Whew!

In addition to noticing that I actually don't have a hot poker driving into the base of my skull, I had another realization today:
I really enjoy the food I've been eating over the past few days, despite the perceived "restrictions."

(As a recap for new readers, the Quantum Wellness Cleanse is a 21-day plan without caffeine, alcohol, gluten, sugar or animal products.)

I'm enjoying shopping, planning, cooking and eating the food. This is big for me since I usually only enjoy one of those four things -- you know, stuffing my face.

I may have mentioned that I recently lost some weight ("Look Ma, no Spanx!"). In the process, I became much more focused on calories and breakdown of protein, carbs and fat. Calories in compared to calories burned. Food as fuel.

Right now, the food is just...well, food. Eating whole, healthy foods sans "toxins" is somehow freeing me from the calorie counting. At the same time, I'm gaining a new definition of "eating with mindfulness."

Of course, mindfulness before pretty much just meant not eating dinner whilst watching "Two and a Half Men" on TV.

Although I'm usually a big supporter of the food chain, I have to admit that there's something cool about knowing nothing was tortured and/or killed before it got on my plate. Furthermore, it's really motivating to feel completely confident and happy in how I am treating my body right now. (I've also been meditating and walking a few miles daily.)

Kathy Freston says this, "Something inside you knows this is right and you will feel directed by an internal compass which urges you forward."

She also describes ridding the body of the "toxic load" as a "high." I think that's accurate.

I'm still feeling like that "high" would go nicely with a generous pour of Rodney Strong Cabernet. Progress, not perfection... right?
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