Friday, May 8, 2009

What's keeping you up at night? (Step 1)

Thanks again for your wonderful, supportive emails and comments. I am so excited and grateful that my blog is resonating positively with people from all over the world. Almost 1,500 visitors from twelve countries in less than three months! THANK YOU!

One of the first goals of my Personal Strategic Management methodology is to help identify which areas of our lives require investment; starting with prioritizing our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

That said, my guess is you're already painfully aware of at least one area which feels like a massive pile of rotting trash right now. You don’t even need a "self-assessment tool" to tell you it stinks. (If you're new to my blog, this will make more sense if you read my previous post first).

The thing that keeps you up at night (as we used to say in cheesy sales land) could be in any one of the five categories.

Certainly you could be feeling overwhelmed with many tragic circumstances in the world [PSR]. Maybe you're having non-menopausal night sweats over missed or failing educational goals [L&D]. Or, particularly if you have teenagers, you may have an ulcer farm growing at home [HR & Facilities].
Personally and among my closest friends, two massive quagmires right now are around taking care of our physical health [Self] and gaining or regaining financial control [$].

Throughout our journey together, we’ll keep coming back to each area in various ways and with multiple day-to-day strategies.

Right at this moment you have a shed to clean. If you’ve got more than one, then pick the pile-up which falls in the SELF category. Based on everything you’ve heard from me so far, this should be assumed. But I know how you are. SELF must be first. No excuses.

This could get ugly, so put on your yellow rubber gloves and grab a shovel.

Actually, all you need is a pen and pad of paper for now. Based on my own experiences (aka "finding out the hard way"), I’ve come up with a three-step plan for tackling that one big, ugly problem which simply won’t wait for us to achieve overall perfect life balance.

Think of it as a kick-start.

What we're going to do first is explore the road which got us to Stinkville in the first place. Then we'll create a "new and improved" strategy map to use moving forward so that we don't end up in exactly the same place yet again.

Naturally this is more effective in an interactive format. Please email me if you want a (free) 1:1 session and/or group workshop. I'd love to do it.

Step 1: Own it.
At the top of the page, describe your "big problem" in one sentence or less. Leave a friendly blank space underneath that statement.
Below that, create two columns but leave space for a third which we'll use later.

Column 1: “THINGS I DID”

Column 2: “THINGS I DIDN’T DO”

Even if you're sure other people or things helped carry the bags to the shed, it’s your trash now.
How did YOU contribute to your current situation? Honestly, what might you have you done or failed to do which created the problem, even in some seemingly small way? (Or maybe even in a Tall, Grande or Venti way.)
Leaving space after each item, write down anything and everything you can think of. Get specific. Right now it’s about being completely open to anything which comes to mind.

Now, on any point where you wrote someone else’s name in one of the columns -- busted! Kindly go back and reword the statement so that you are clearly defining and owning your part.

It's not about shaming or blaming yourself. It's about being accountable and aware so that you can create a plan for effective and permanent change. You may have heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.

Thinking about my "Law of Attraction" post, be sure to include any feelings and thoughts which you've been experiencing relative to this area. Also, what words have you been saying in your own head or to others relative to this problem area?
I've positioned everything in past tense, but it's quite likely you're doing a lot of this stuff right now.

Depending on the depth of your denial, you may want to carry this list around with you for a week or so. Tune in. Listen and be open to the reality check.

Next post: Step 2

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jmvcep said...

It always inspires me to read your blog. I look forward to it every week. This entry in particular has struck a cord with me. Thanks I can't wait for Step 2

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