Friday, February 6, 2009


So what is this all about anyway? I’m actually surprising myself as I quantify this, but I have been taking notes on my own “life lessons” for two decades now. Yes - 20 of my "40-something" years of being my own "Life Balance Strategist." And now I get to share it all with you!

Disclaimer #1 is that I am not a doctor or psychologist, nor have I done lengthy research to support my theories. I apologize if that seems lazy, but there it is. As it happens, I am employed by a “work/life balance” company but that’s almost a coincidence.

I’m just a person – a woman/ mom/ wife/ daughter/ sister/ friend/ neighbor/ worker/ student – trying to figure out how to “do it all” and actually love this wild ride called life.

Some of my “teachers” include my crazy (hopefully humorous, for your benefit) childhood, an alcoholic/addict ex-husband, a $100/hr but worth every penny divorce therapist, friends and not-quite-friends, a lifetime of education (literally), two great mentors, my kids, “husband #2”, a flight attendant, Dunkin Donuts and a dog. Actually no dog, but I thought it was a nice ending to the list.

Here’s the boring background: Several years ago, I created a general methodology in answer to the question I get often which is “How do you do it all?” I later took on the assignment of creating a more defined “model” for this methodology. I’ll admit it. I had initial visions of being the next McKinsey or Porter. I mean, doesn’t everyone?

This was during a “Corporate Strategic Management” course near the end of my MBA. I also created a fun self-assessment tool, but we can do that together in a later post. You’ll have to trust the stretch for now, but it occurred to me that I could morph many of the corporate organizational tools and strategies to apply to one’s personal life. And voila, “Personal Strategic Management” was born.

Recently, I’ve discovered that my model is not so unique. I'm actually fine with that as I know the inspiration came from a pure place. I'm also sure it will continue to evolve and change. But for now, here’s the basic model:

Since then, it’s just taken on a life of its own, although perhaps a few degrees separated from the original idea. Ultimately I can’t help but use my own experiences to flesh out key points which I think will resonate. Yet, there are ties to the original model which I’m sure you’ll see as we go along.

Those that don’t need my help can simply enjoy a good chuckle. Laugh with me, laugh at me – I’m fine either way. I’m just happy to have you here. Thanks & please continue to visit!

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