Monday, July 12, 2010

Meditation Monday - Let the Energy Flow!


This meditation is one of my all-time faves.  It is from Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain. Reading Shakti Gawain's books is what really got me into meditation back in the mid-80's.   (A time also famous for my audition photos which inspired that whole Flashdance incident.)

I LOVE Shakti because she has such a calming voice, figuratively and literally.  Her meditations are also very user-friendly. Some of the other meditation books and recordings out there are more like a game of mental Twister. ("Bend your body into the shape of a pretzel and then put your left shakra on the color green.")

Seriously? Who wants to get stressed out trying to relax?  

FYI: I recently downloaded Shakti's audiobook of meditations from iTunes and I highly recommend!

Anyhoo...The purpose of today's meditation is to get your energy flowing, clear your mind and generally feel more balanced and open. 

Shakti says it is also helpful to "keep you firmly connected to the physical plane so you don't space out during meditation or any other activity."   That means ADD people - this one's for you!!

Sit comfortably with your back straight, either in a chair or cross-legged on the floor. (More overshare but I also do this one standing in the shower and imagine being under a waterfall on a tropical island.)

Close your eyes; breathe slowly and deeply, counting down from ten to one until you feel deeply relaxed.

Imagine that there is a long cord attached to the base of your spine, extending down through the floor way down into the earth. If you wish, you can imagine that this is like the root of a tree, growing deep into the ground.

This is called a "grounding cord." Now imagine that the energy of the earth is flowing through this cord (and up through the soles of your feet if you are sitting in a chair... or standing in the shower) and flowing up through all parts of your body, and out through the top of your head. Picture this until you really feel the flow well established.

Now imagine that the energy of the universe is flowing in through the top of your head, through your body, and down through your grounding cord and your feet into the earth.

Feel both these flows going on in different directions, and mixing harmoniously in your body. Sometimes I visualize each one with a color and the colors mixing as they interact; cleansing and energizing my whole body.

This meditation keeps you balanced between the cosmic energy of vision, fantasy, and imagination and the stable, earth energy of the physical plane. This balance will increase your sense of well-being and your power of manifestation.

All good!

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Fibro Viv said...

Meditation has always worked for me. I don't actually follow any type of written work, I just simply allow myself some quiet time, breathe deeply and try to clear my mind or think about extra special times in my life.

Enjoyed this post:) May I add your sight to my chronic list site?

Babes about Town said...

I've had such a difficult few days and I really do need meditation, some clarity and balance in my inner world. Thanks for this post.

Arcadian said...

I read Creative Visualization in the early 80's and even got the author's own voice on an audio so I could hear affirmations first hand. I recommended the book to others who really got much out of it.

Charlene said...

You're welcome Babes!

Arcadian - glad you like it too! Thanks for stopping by!

Rachael Kruger Lomonaco said...

I am interested in the tree life image you have on this post. Is it your image? Is there a way I can contact you?

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