Sunday, March 22, 2009

Be Do Have

As I share my stories and strategies here, I've gained this incredible new sense of accountability. Even when I'm not writing, I have more awareness about everything than ever before. Although my initial goal was to help others, it's helping me. I love it - THANK YOU!

As I mentioned early on, this is a journey. I'm sharing my personal experiences and hopefully some helpful insight into making the most out of life. Yet, I'm far from perfect at this stuff. With all of my strategies there is a range of what comes naturally now and what I still have to work at in a conscious way.

Whenever the experts talk about paradigm shift, they discuss this transition:

DO --> BE --> HAVE to BE --> DO --> HAVE

Maybe this is a fancy way of saying, "fake it 'til you make it." Of course you have to start doing the things which will get you to the mental, physical, emotional place you want to be. But the true beauty is when it's a part of your DNA. It's just who you are so doing the stuff is automatic.

When it comes to being a physically active person, I'd say that's true for me today. To say I'm an "athletic" gal would be a stretch. Yet I can't help but want to exercise regularly because it makes me feel so good on the inside, gives me energy and makes me physically healthier.

Inside out vs. outside in.

Although I have my vain moments, it's so much less about how I "look" than in prior points in my life. Anyone can be happy with their outer body at any size. I don't believe we should be judged based on some physical standard which may or may not be realistic on an individual basis.

However, it's hard to argue with wanting/needing to be healthier, have more energy and just generally feel strong in our busy, sometimes crazy lives. In addition to meditation, I personally require some form of physical movement everyday to accomplish this.

When I wake up at 5:30am, I can pretty easily talk myself out of working out if it's only about fitting into my old "mom jeans" or even trying to look decent in a swimsuit on an upcoming vacation. Instead, I need to think about how I want to FEEL.
"Today I want to feel ___________." How I fill in that blank is usually what motivates me to get my tired ass out of bed.

I used to be the Queen of Justified Procrastination. "I'll work out tonight" or "I'll start working out on Monday" or "I'll have more time to exercise once this class is over."

It's much harder to say, "Today I want to feel like crap." "Today I want to be tired all day long." "Today I want playing outside with my kids to be completely exhausting."

So... how do YOU want to feel today?

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jmvcep said...

I love that perspective, so many times I find a million things to do instead of working out. However when I filled in the blank, it held me acountable. Thanks

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