Sunday, November 1, 2009


Day 1: 11/28/09

This post is for the purpose of tracking my P90X workouts.  (I also have a more detailed log book which covers each specific exercise, reps and lbs. as well as a food diary.)

Apologies in advance for how boring this is... but hopefully the pictures will ease that torture.

This other post covers my reasoning behind starting P90X in more detail (and hopefully will make you laugh!)

Day 1 - DONE!
* Fit Test
* Weight / Measurements
* Before Pics
* Chest & Back Workout:
     - Modified the pull-up exercises to use cables
     - Used 40# on cables for most exercises
     - FYI - I hate doing push ups! (but I did them anyway; modified as needed)
     - Didn't "enjoy" this workout but pushed through
* Ab Ripper X
     - Love Tony's ab workouts!

Day 2 - DONE!
* Sore from yesterday but not to the point where I can't move (which is what I expected.)
* Plyometrics
     - Actually did enjoy this which surprised me since it looked so scary!
     - Modified almost every move
     - Got me thinking that P90X is perfect for people like me with exercise ADD.  Everything is broken down to 30 second increments which feels totally doable and never a chance to get bored.

Day 3 - DONE!
* Shoulders & Arms
* Ab Ripper X
* Leaving on a jet plane to CA later today so I really felt like I "didn't have time" to workout.  BUT I DID IT ANYWAY.
* Wanted to quit at 30 minutes but I KEPT GOING.
* Mainly used 10 lbs except for seated shoulders; for triceps, used 5 lbs and then no weight at all for the last couple tri sets

* Yoga X
* Really tired today from travel and  meetings but wanted to get my workout in (in theory).  I kept thinking, "Just push play. Just push play."  When I did and saw that the workout was 98 minutes I wanted to push STOP.  My mind was not in the right place during this... but I did make it through 45 minutes.  Will do the whole thing next time!

Day 5 - DONE!
* Legs & Back
* Great leg workout... the pillars are shakin!!!
* Had to improvise on the back exercises since I'm in a hotel room with no equipment.  Basically just did super isometrics and really focused in on the muscles.  My back is STILL sore from Chest & Back day so I don't feel too guilty.
* Heading home today and feeling pretty proud about maintaining my workout schedule on the road; something I have always been bad at.

Day 6 - DONE!
* Kenpo X
* My favorite workout of the week!
* Next time I travel, I'll remember that this is the BEST hotel room workout (no equipment needed)
* Great workout which went by quickly and was actually fun to do.  Then again, I like kicking and punching. :-)

Day 7 - DONE!
* Scheduled for rest day but woke up early and wanted to do something
* 30 min Treadmill plus Abs & Stretch

Day 8 - DONE!
* Chest & Back
* A little easier to get through this time (but still had to push through.)
* At one point Tony said, "Get out of your head & just show up!"  Totally what I needed to hear and need to remind myself.  Just push play.  Don't overthink this thing.  Just do it!

Day 9 - DONE!
* Plyometrics
* Hubby was *supposed* to be starting P90X with me so today I finally got him to join the fun.  He's pretty out of shape (don't tell him I wrote that) and has had a stiff back so I told him to go easy, pace himself, do the modified moves.  Of course he didn't listen (he's so freakin' competitive) and then only made it through half the workout.   Then the kids came down.  But I just kept going... while the three of them sat and watched me for the last 35 minutes.  (Kinda funny now that I think of it.)

Day 10 - OFF
* Today was supposed to be Yoga X but I was so exhausted from work (and PMS) that I just couldn't gear myself up.
* Ended up doing an hour on the treadmill plus P90 Ab 200 workout.
* Funny how that felt like a disappointment when in the past, I would have considered that a stellar workout!
Day 11 - DONE!
* Legs & Back
* Pretty rough, long work day... been up since 5am and didn't start my workout until 8pm.  Mentally took a lot to "push play"... but glad I did.
* Upped the cables to 50# total for the back exercises

Day 12 - DONE!
* Kenpo X
* I just LOVE this workout.  It was exactly what I needed today.  I must have a lot of pent up aggression or something because I totally enjoy the kicking and punching.  I was definitely giving it some gusto!!  Great workout - the time literally flies by.

Day 13 - REST
* This worked out well since I left for work at 6am, came home at 6pm and then had my daughter's Holiday Concert until 9pm.
* Slight head cold

Day 14 - DONE!
* Chest & Back
* Ab Ripper X
* Wasn't feeling great but decided to workout anyway.  Did about 85% of the Chest & Back workout as the pushups were giving me a major headache.
* Being Friday night, I usually would have a glass of wine (or two) but realized I didn't really need it.  (The head cold helped me abstain, I'm sure.  I love to joke about my love of wine and my "boyfriends" Rodney, Robert & Kendall... but I've only had a couple of drinks total in the past two weeks and I haven't missed it.

Day 15 - SICK!

Day 16 - DONE!
* Shoulders & Arms
* Today would have been plyometrics but since I'm still not felling 100%, decided to switch the days

I know I should have done this 16 days ago but I was honestly overwhelmed by this BIG nutrition book.  But now that I have the workouts in hand, I feel like it's time to focus more strictly on the diet.  Not that I haven't been eating consciously.  I just haven't been following the P90X nutrition plan to a tee. More so just doing what I know from Power 90 which I now realise is different from P90X.
Better late than never though, right?

Based on the calculatoins, I should be having 1800 calories per day.  This is about 500 calories more than I am targeting now so this will require a mental shift for me.

Doing Phase 1 - Fat Shredder

I like the idea of the Portion Approach but I really need it broken out by meal, not the full day.  Too much to think about.

Meal Plan Approach is more my style, although I'll have to make substitutions to accomodate my dietary restrictions (little or no meat or dairy).

Working on a menu for the week...

Day 17 - DONE!
* Plyometrics
* I literally had to schedule this into my day and it was a tight squeeze!  But it felt good to push play and get it done.  Somehow it feels even better when I know I would have blown it off in the past. Crazy, busy day!
* Reminds me why I "preach" to others that we MUST take care of ourselves, even when everything else around us is insane. Today would have been a good day for me to have a pity party but now that I've worked out hard, I have the energy I need to cowboy up, think positive and keep going!

Day 18 - DONE!
* Okay so I did Yoga Booty Ballet, Advanced Fat Burning for an hour instead of 98 minutes of Yoga X. 
* It was wonderful and exactly what I needed!! 
* I got a killer workout, was drenched in sweat (even though my heart rate wasn't all that high) and I loved every minute of it.  I especially appreciated the meditation and the overall spunk of Gillian and Teigh.  Just perfect for a 5am workout on a Tuesday! :-)
* Ab Ripper X in the evening.
Day 19 - OFF
* Woke up at my usual time pretty much (5am-ish)... realised that I had to leave for work at 6am and would not be home until 10:30pm, so I jumped on the treadmill for 20 minutes.
* It was something anyway.

Day 20 - DONE!
* Pre-workout note (7am):  feeling the effects of the day (and evening) from yesterday.  No interest in working out whatsoever.  This is going to take some serious self-motivation.  Wish me luck.  Better yet, call me and tell me to get my &%@! sneakers on a press PLAY already.
* 8:30pm - Legs
* I almost bailed completely but decided to at least do legs (which is the area I need the most work on)
* Will add Back to tomorrow's workout

Day 21 - DONE!
* Kenpo X rocks!  Did the whole thing full tilt with no breaks and no modified moves. 
* I feel like if I had skipped yesterday, I wouldn't have gotten into it so well today.  Confirms to me that I always need to do "something" no matter how I feel.  Way too easy to get into a funk.

Day 22 - DONE!
* 60 minutes Treadmill
* Should have been a rest day but I've been eating chocolate chip cookies like they're going out of style so I figured I better do SOMETHING! 
* Really need to get my diet in order... have been pretty nutrition lazy the past couple of days
* Just three weeks ago, an hour on the tradmill felt like a huge chore.  Today I honestly could have gone longer except my kids were waiting for me to make dinner

Okay - So, the first three weeks of "Phase 1" are DONE!  It looks like this next week is focusing on core, cardio, stretching the muscles, feeling the effects of the prior three weeks and prepping for the next phase.

Given that this is also Christmas week, the timing is pretty perfect.  That said, I KNOW I need to stay (or rather, GET) disciplined about the food.  I'd say I've been about 80%... going to try to be on target over the next few days; expect that I won't be perfect on Christmas Day and then ramp it right back up. 

I'd like to see some results on Day 30.  I know they won't be as good as if my nutrition had been more stellar, but still....

Day 23 - DONE!
* Yoga Booty Ballet Advanced
* Some may consider this a "cheat" not to do Yoga X... but YBB is a pretty serious workout and even better, I enjoy it. Right now I need it to be easier to "push play" so I feel like it's a worth it to substitute the workout, work my arse off and enjoy the time.

Day 24 - DONE!
* Core Synergistics
* This wasn't bad.  I did enjoy the feeling of working multiple muscle groups at once and was really focused on keeping the core super engaged.  Something powerful about it.

Day 25 - DONE!
* Man oh man - I am SORE from yesterday!!!
* Kenpo X
* Pretty good workout.  My in-laws are coming over for dinner so I had to force myself to squeeze in the workout right after work but before dinner (which is usually "down" time.)  Asd always, glad I did!

Day 26 - DONE!
* Stretch
* Treadmill (60 min)

Day 27 - DONE!
* Core Synergistics
* Took my Day 27 pictures.  Definitely see progress!

This is actually the same bathing suit.  Its reversable so I thought the different patterns would help me remember the timeline better.  I mention this because a friend commented that the "first bathing suit" made my chest look droopy.  LOL!   Did I mention I've been doing something like 500 pushups a week??  Great for the pectoral muscles!
Day 28 - OFF
Christmas Day
(Not an excuse but wow did I EAT and DRINK!)

Day 29 - DONE!
* Yoga Booty Ballet Advanced
* Got right back into it... great workout.

Day 30 - DONE!
* 30 minutes Treadmill (early AM)
* Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
* Ab Ripper X
The new chest, shoulder, tri workout KICKED MY ARSE!  Serious workout but it felt great.  Afterwards I was trying to wash my hair in the shower and my arms were shaking!!!

Day 31 - DONE!
* Plyometrics
* Can definitely tell a difference in my fitness level.  The first time I did this workout, I had to modify almost every move and take breaks.  Today, I only modified a couple of the moves at the end but mainly was going ALL OUT and not taking breaks.
* Seriously sore (from yesterday) and shaky!

Day 32 - SKIPPED
* ouch! My calves from yesterday's "cross hops" are in serious pain.  Hurts so good!
* Have been on vacation the past several days and managed to get workouts in but not today. Will need to make it up!

Day 33 - DONE!
* Back & Biceps
* Ab Ripper X
* Did you buy tickets to the show?  The GUN show?  The pipes are pumped!!
* The B&B was what I would consider an "easier" workout in terms of the exercises being fairly simple, no cardio, no odd positions. I like it!

Day 34 - DONE!
* Yoga Booty Ballet Advanced
* Woke up at 3:30am (lots of crap going on; both parents in the hospital etc).  By 5am I decided to go ahead and get my workout in.  Glad it was Yoga day because I totally needed this one.

Day 35 - DONE!
* Legs & Back
* Ab Ripper X
* Seriously over indulged last night (New Years Eve)... was tempted to give it a rest today but decided to just push play and see how it went.
* For anyone reading this, THAT is the key.  PUSH PLAY!  Just do it.  START. A body in motion stays in motion.

Day 36 - DONE!
* Kenpo X
* Left lower bicep & forearm are still screaming for some reason (from earlier workouts); glad tomorrow is a rest day.
* Probably shouldn't have eaten 1/2 bag of salt & vinegar potato chips after the workout.  (Otherwise my diet was good today.)  Bad, bad, bad.   Tomorrow starts a new week and back to work.  So hopefully the routine will keep me on track.  Going to do some meal planning today which should help.

Day 37 - DONE!
* 60 min treadmill - walking
* This is a "rest day" so took it easy.

Day 38 - DONE!
* Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
* Ab Ripper X
* 45 min walking
* Didn't get to do the weights until evening... now I know what "bonking" feels like.  Not at all what I was picturing and so not fun.  This is the first time in 38 days this happened.  Combination of being tired and not consuming enough calories.  Luckily I had done some walking and Abs in the morning so I still feel like it was a productive day.

DAY 39 - DONE!
* Plyometrics
* 20 min treadmill
Once again, felt really tired during my workout tonight.  I think I just do so much better in the mornings.  At night I'm just spent from the day's work (which starts when I leave for work at 6am). I'm not working out until after the kids go to bed which is almost my bed time as well! I hate to think about waking up at 4:30am or something crazy but I may need to...

DAY 40 - DONE!
* Biceps, Back & Abs
* Meh.  (Another 8pm workout... killin' me.)

DAY 41 - DONE!
* Yoga Booty Ballet Advanced
* Did this in the early am and ROCKED IT.  Major sweat session. SO much better in the morning.  Felt great and I also really appreciate the meditations before/after.  Love these ladies!

DAY 42 - DONE!
* 60 minutes Treadmill (incline for 1/2)
* Should have been a legs and back day but once again it was late night and I knew I just didn't have it in me to do strength training.
* Felt good afterwards and feel like my legs still got a good workout.  No worries!

DAY 43 - DONE!
* Kenpo X
* As always, I love this workout.  Can definitely tell I'm in better shape.  I used to huff and puff after the X jacks but no more. 
* Feeling good!


DAY 45 - DONE!
* Ab Ripper X (am)
* Chest, Shoulders, Triceps (pm)
* This was definitely a "just push play" night.  But once I started (as expected) I got into it.  I definitely feel stronger.  Did the CLAPPING pushups for the first time.  Woot!  Woot!

DAY 46 - DONE!
* Yoga Booty Ballet Advanced

* 30 minutes treadmill (AM)
* Should have done Legs & Back but was up late with Miss M. working on her school project (procrastination is herititary apparently) and didn't have it in me at 9:30pm to start my workout.

DAY 48 - DONE!
* 20 minutes treadmill (AM)
* Kenpo X
* Ab Ripper
* GREAT workout, despite being in the evening. Really focused on keeping my core tight, using my body, lunging into the twisting moves. 
* With the exception of that one bad commute when I was stuck in traffic for two hours with a Tupperware container of baked goods (LOL!  Three peanut butter drop cookies didn't survive!)  I've been super disciplined about my food this week.  Tracking everything in is a HUGE help.  I realised that on prior days, even when I was eating "healthy" my sodium was WAY high - especially thanks to canned beans and veggies. (Learned that fresh or even fresh, frozen with nothing added is good.)  My stomach is so much flatter now that I'm more aware. Feels good!

DAY 49 - DONE!
* Back & Biceps
* Workouts this week are slightly out of order since somewhere along the line I lost my mind and skipped back/biceps and also plyometrics.  No worries!
* It's nice to do a workout where there's no risk of me just falling over (which can always happen in most of the other workouts!)
* Tony totally cracks me up.  And not to be negative or anything but I find Katie just slightly annoying.  Oh well!

Day 50 - DONE!
* Plyometrics
* Great workout. It feels good to know that just about a month or so ago, I had to modify every move on this workout... modified modifying in some cases!  Today I worked on jumping HIGHER and squatting LOWER.  Very gratifying!

WEEK 8 (it looks like the workouts will vary more by week now so decided I better also start tracking weeks too; my math skills are way under par and I can see myself losing track!)

Day 51 - DONE!
* Yoga Booty Ballet - Goddess Booty (yes, that's really what it's called.)
* 30 min treadmill
* Ab 200

DAY 52 - DONE!
* Core Synergistics - love to hate this; I think I broke a new sweat record.
* Since I worked out last night at 8pm... it took a little bit of cowboy-ing up this morning at 5:15am to get this done.  But I am SO glad I did.   Killer.  Awesome!
* 35 min shoveling cold, wet, HEAVY snow!  (I'm SO counting this!!)

Day 53 - DONE!
* Kenpo X
* Although waking up at 5am isn't always easy, I am ALWAYS glad when I do.  A little "fuzzy" getting started but then had one of my best workouts.  Sweaty Betty!  What a wonderful way to start the day!

Day 54 - DONE!
* X Stretch
* So, I'll admit I almost blew this one off (and in fact I think I did blow it off the last time it came up in the rotation.)  It's the opposite of the usual though:  I actually wanted to sweat this morning (sick, I know) and thought, "Stretch - what a waste of time. Who can stretch for an hour??"  But, it was 5am and I wasn't in the mood to argue, even with myself.  PUSH PLAY.    Turns out, I needed it.  I didn't realise how sore I was until I got into it.  And surprisingly, the 57 minutes or so went by pretty fast.  Almost relaxing even.  Now I know better!

Day 55 - DONE!
* Core Synergistics
* Great workout!  Was in my bedroom with limited floor space (width) so I did some alternative ab exercises in lieu of the banana sequences.  Still feel like my core got a good workout.

Day 56 - DONE!
* Yoga Booty Ballet - Hip Hop & Abs
* It was Yoga X day but (as I usually do) I decided to mix it up.  It's funny - I haven't done this workout in a while and I noticed I put a LOT more into it than I usually do.  I just love Gillian and Teigh -- totally motivating and fun!   For any ladies thinking P90X might be too much, I HIGHLY recommend Yoga Booty Ballet.  Every workout is total joy!

Day 57 - REST
* After reading the guide book that muscles grow during rest, I thought, "Yeehaw, Gonna do some MAJOR growing today!"  (Actually I just worked a 12-hour day today and wanted the rest of the time with the kids.  Glad it was a prescheduled "rest day!"

Day 58 - DONE!
* Chest, Back & Abs
* Hectic morning, lots to do before leaving on a quick biz trip. LUCKILY I "just pushed play" in the AM because things got really crazy when Miss M's school called for me to pick her up with fever - only two hours before my plane had to take off.  Talk about scrambling!  I swear my kids are biologically programmed to get sick when I travel.

Day 59 - DONE!
* Plyometrics (on the road - Hello Philly!)
* Good hotel room workout but was very careful with my landings since this floor is pretty much concrete with 1/4" carpet on top. 
* This is a workout which gets way more fun as you get better at it.  Also discovered that as much as I like Tony, it's a lot quicker and more intense with my own music vs. his voice.  (Sorry Tony.)

Day 60 - SICK
Just a quick check in for Day 60...

In total so far I've shed:
* 6 lbs (currently at my "ideal" weight)
* 2" off chest/back
* 1.75" off waist
* 2.25" off hips (WOW!!)
* 1" off EACH thigh

And my body fat % is so much lower I'm having a hard time believing it's accurate - LOL! But I definitely am starting to feel "toned" instead of "blumpy"!

One thing which may not be as obvious in the picture but which is huge for me is that my bathing suit bottm now just sits loosely on my hips vs. feeling really tight. My ego is wishing I had "flexed" my arms more for the picture... I think the results are more noticeable in person.  I'll save the money shots for Day 90 - LOL!!

People say the BIGGEST results are in the last 30 days. I can hardly wait!

Day 62 - DONE!

* Shoulders & Biceps
* PM workout, seriously almost asleep when I pushed "play" but I rallied.  Ended up being a pretty good workout although I think I bailed out of the couple of exercises.

Day 61 - DONE!
* Yoga Booty Ballet Advanced
* Always a good workout; majorly sweaty!

Day 62 - DONE!
* Legs & Back
* Ab Ripper
* Couple of things I noticed:  I am up to 60# on the cables for my back exercises and also can do 100% of the wall squats with no breaks and no cheating.  Progress!!

Day 63 - DONE!
* Kenpo X (am)
* Treadmill 30 min (pm)


Okay - so somewhere over the past few days (two? three?)  I've gotten off track with the workouts.  I'm blaming the 15 hour work days. I did jump on the treadmill a couple of times but no DVDs. This is probably "cheating" but since I want to make the most of this, I'm just going to call my next workout "Day 64" just so I can keep some sense of momentum.

Don't tell anyone. :)

Day 64 - DONE!
* Chest, Back & Triceps.
* Abs
* Realising, looking at my day 60 pics that I need to step it up on shoulders and triceps in particular.

Day 65 - DONE!
* Plyometrics
* Great workout.  Back in the ZONE baby!!

Day 66 - DONE!
* Back & Biceps; Abs
* Cardio Cleaning (Hey - I was sweating.  It counts!)

Day 67 - DONE!
* Yoga Booty Ballet: Goddess Booty and Yoga Core
* Funny how jaded I have become; needed to do BOTH workouts to feel like I had really accomplished something.  Miss M. did a lot of the exercises with me too which was fun.  Afterwards we meditated together for several minutes... good mommy/daughter bonding time!

Day 68 - DONE!
* 45 minutes treadmill (in lieu of Leg workout)
* Abs (still sore from the other day!)

Day 69 - DONE!
* Kenpo X
* Can really see a major difference in the way my clothes fit; weird to have pants be too BIG.  (Thank goodness for safetypins or I'd be flashin'!)
* I'd forgotten how much nicer it is to have a completely FLAT tummy.  I know self praise is no praise but I really do like it.  :)

Day 70 - REST

Day 71 - DONE!
* Chest & Back
* Abs

Day 72 - DONE!
* Plyometrics

Day 73 - DONE!
* Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps
* Abs
* The past couple of days have been weekend-ville and although I've been keeping up with the workouts, my diet has been less than stellar.  To the extent that it deserves a separate blog post.  Stay tuned!

Day 74 - DONE!
* Yoga Booty Ballet Advanced
* Felt good to have a truly great workout.

Day 75 - DONE!
* 60 minutes treadmill, varying speeds and max incline (in lieu of legs)
* Should have also done back and abs... no good excuse.

Day 76 - DONE!
* Kenpo X (meh)
* Abs
* Still not feeling 100% up to snuff; too many hours working and the stress there plus this new thyroid supplement I'm taking isn't agreeing with me at all.  Really WANT to rally though... I'm in the home stretch for cripes sake!  Get it together and bring it girl!!

Day 77 - REST DAY
* tempted to work out but thought maybe I really did need to rest day to regroup and get my arse in gear for this last two week stretch.

Day 78 - DONE!
* 40 minutes treadmill (early AM)
* Chest, Shoulders & Triceps (AM)
* Well, my strategy worked (I guess!)  Killer workout... felt good.  Kept visualizing my "after" photos and thinking about the symmetry and "cut" I want in my upper body. 
* Blew off abs but had done extra cardio, so I will catch up on ARX tomorrow.  Still feel good about the day.

Day 79 - DONE!
* Plyometrics
* Abs
* Well, my intensity from yesterday is evident in my major soreness today. But in all the right places. Hurts so good! 
* I am setting an intention here to be super focused on near perfect nutrition for this last two weeks.  I've been "pretty good"... usually on track during the week and "not so much" on the weekends.  Today being Saturday, it's a good test to see if I can really commit to clean, lean eating.   I'm also PMSing so it's a good thing I'm a girl who likes a challenge.

Day 80 - DONE!
* Back & Biceps
Did you buy your tickets to the show????  (heehee)  The guns are shakin!

Day 81 - DONE
* 60 minutes treadmill
* Abs
* Misc.
Okay, so today was Yoga day... but I have a good excuse this time for not following the prescribed regime.  The Bachelor - The Women Tell All was on.  I had to watch it.  Afterall, this is the most...dramatic...season... EVER!  (But at least I broke a sweat whilst watching!)

* SKIPPED DAY*  Since I'm so close to the end, I feel like I need every possible workout day.  Today was not a good day for me health wise.  Pretty much came home from work, went to bed and stayed there for 12 hours.  Haven't done that since... I can't remember when.  Not sure what triggered it.

DAY 82 - DONE!
Yoga Booty Ballet - Goddess Booty in lieu of legs.  Decided I needed to work the blumpy more than anything else.
* Abs (150 reps... ran out of steam; still not feeling 100% and majorly nauseous.)

DAY 83 - DONE!
* Kenpo X
* Abs (175 reps to complete from yesterday)
* My best workout of late.  It's fun to think about how I modified workouts to make them easier in the beginning and now I am modifying to make them harder!

* Probably wouldn't have taken this but we had a major storm here (to mph winds)... so no power (or phone or internet) for 24 hrs.  Pretty much in lazy survival mode.  (Also didn't eat much.)

DAY 85 - DONE!
* Light yoga (no DVD)
* 90 minutes roller skating - it was a kid party but I used to love to roller skate so I got on there and really skated most of the two hours.  Tried to focus on keeping the belly in and small movements to work my hips and glutes... and legs of course!   Even got some tricep action going without looking like a complete idiot. :-)  Delts also a litttle sore the next morning but not sure why?
* Didn't make good food choices today but also didn't eat enough.  I was hoping to be fairly perfect about my diet this past week of the program.  Haven't shown that ability yet but I guess there's always tomorrow!

DAY 86 - DONE!
* Core Synergistics
* Great total body workout!

 DAY 87 - DONE!
* Yoga Booty Ballet Advanced
* Abs X
* Was on the road so this was a perfect workout for the hotel room

* Flying most of the day so this worked out well

DAY 89 - DONE!
* Kenpo X
* Abs X
* Been loving the "silence plus cues" option... listening to my own music on my iPod makes this whiz by in the blink of an eye

DAY 90 - DONE!
* Core Synergistics
* It feels weird to type "DAY 90" since I don't feel like it should be over yet!

I will do a more lengthy "final results" post... but for now I'll just share that I lost 10 lbs (plus 2 more in the week afterwards), 11% body fat and 9" inches.  

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Angel Wade said...

I love how you post here! You have motivated me to blog on my BB page too!

foxy said...

Man, I am SO IMPRESSED. You are looking so good!!! I am totally going to follow along for the rest of your ride. YOU GO GIRL!

webb said...

I'm exhausted - and think I lost two pounds - just reading about it. Way to hang in there. It's downhill from here. You can DEFINITELY do it!!

UberGrumpy said...

I expect you lost about a half pound from your fingers typing all that. Blimey

Feeling Fit With Dana said...

Good job and I love how you are posting the good, the bad and the ugly. It helps others to know that it isn't perfect everyday! You are looking great and going to see amazing results! I can't wait!!

Erin said...

Hi Charlene, you are looking great! I know this was only day 27 and you are halfway now, but you look like you are really pushing yourself!

Keep up the good work!!


Small Burst said...

You look great! I guess it does work. You are such an insiration. Glad I found you on MBC.

Bullgrit said...

Right after I ordered this system, I started searching the Web for other people who had tried P90X. (People outside the Beachbody site.) I found you, here. Reading your daily notes, and seeing your photos helped get me excited about this thing. My Day 1 was yesterday.

Charlene said...

That's awesome Bullgrit. When I first started posting my daily updates, I dind't think anyone would actually READ this... so it always surprises me a little bit. But I'm psyched that it's helpful.. Stick with the program - it isn't easy but it does get easiER and definitely works. I can't believe I have less than 10 days left!!

hipchic~cynde said...

Finally had time to sit down and read through this. I love the way you have blogged it. I need to add a page like this to mine. I am now on day 10 love it still, feeling good but sore. Plyo is a tough one for me, I love it but it kicks my butt. Of course my 4am on plyo days factors into this. I have to force myself to do it.

Charlene said...

Well, originally I wasn't planning on anyone actually reading it - LOL! But I have to say it helped A LOT in the accountability dept. Just wait - in a couple of weeks you will look forward to Plyo! It's one of my favorites now!

Hoping to have a final "review" and my Day 90 pics up by this weekend at the latest!

hipchic~cynde said...

Charlene, I would love to know how you added this update set up to your blog.

Charlene said...

Very very easy. I just started a post the regular way (originally with a date far back enough in the archives that it wouldn't show on my home page).

Each day, I went to 'edit posts' and added an entry.

The link on the sidebar is just a picture widget with a hyperlink to the URL for my updates post.

hipchic~cynde said...

Thankyou so so much! Looking forward to your final review!

Bullgrit said...

Congratulations, Charlene! I'm on day 19, and because I now know how hard this regimen is, (even at my early phase), I'm really impressed with your accomplishment.

I'm interested to see the results pics -- the 60-day pics were already impressive. Are you planning to repeat, maintain, or quit, now?

Charlene said...

Right now I'm pretty much maintaining... doing "something" in terms of exercise each day and being strict on my eating.

I may do another round of P90X or try a different program. Not sure yet.

hipchic~cynde said...

Your results are awesome! Great job!
So I am now at day 16 and can say this is the best thing I have ever done! I feel so good :) Two more weeks and I can update my photos.
And thanks for your help on the posting. I am so thrilled to be blogging it daily, but not putting it in my readers face unless they choose. Have a great week. ~cynde

webb said...

I am blown away! You look great and so much hard work. REally proud of your sticking to it so well. I'm just not ready to make that big a commitment, but maybe I can find something more "my size" that would get me going somehow. Thanks for the inspiration!

browneyes_24b said...

Wow! Way to go - I am a fellow P90Xer (although I am not doing it justice as I keep riding the new-mom-lazy-train) Your results are amazing. 11% body fat and more than 10 pounds gone! You have inspired me to workout today, so I thank you for that!

Lisa said...

This is truly amazing! I just found your site, and was interested in this post since I have been toying with the idea of! It seems so hard, but your results are so GREAT! I've been feeling a bit "blumpy" myself lately, and have lost about 7 pounds doing a weight loss challenge at work...but I feel like I could do some more. Hopefully reading through this will be the final little push I need to start the program!

Blissful Babe said...

You sound like a Done Girl from SparkPeople! Congratulations on your success!

MommyToTwoBoys said...

Stopping by from SITS for your Happy SITS Day!

GIIIIRRRRLLLL! You are so incredible! You should be so proud of yourself! I tried P90, the dumbed down version of P90X and couldn't hang. So for you to do the whole P90X makes you my hero! You totally, totally rock. What an inspiration! I just may dust off those P90 DVDs....

Nona Jordan Business & Life Design said...

Happy SITS day! Wow, this is awesome! I may have to buy this program, your results are amazing - thanks so much for sharing!


Lisa @ This Mommy Works said...

You are awesome!!!!
My husband is almost done with his 90 days and looks amazing!
I've committed to doing 2 weeks with him starting today. I've done a few workouts here & there - they are tough! I only have 5 lbs to lise... Hoping P90X will be the key!

He Who Laughs Last said...

OMG! You look Fab! I started my diet/boot camp regimin today...I stopped by looking for some motivation...You have definitely given it too me.

Stopping by from SITS

Tiffany said...

I'm almost done too...did you follow the eating plan too? You look amazing!

Mrs. Clean Freak said...

U look so good! AWESOME!


Alison said...

U look great! I have P90 and the Master's series, but now I'm really wanting P90X! I think that will definitely be my next investment! Enjoyed reading this post!!

Kimi@SoManyKids said...

You look amazing! I've been considering trying this workout myself.

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

what an amazing journey you look fantastic!

Alianna said...

Congratulations!!! You look amazing!

Kelly Deneen said...

You are amazing!!! Awesome motivation!!

So what do you do to maintain that new look?

Jennifer said...

This is amazing. Completely. I read the first post about P90x that linked to this (the one with the quote from Jerry Rice) and how you just have to make time to do it. That is very inspirational for me. I have A LOT of weight to lose and I've been thinking hard all weekend. This is one of those things I just need to do.

Stopping by from SITS. Congrats on your SITS day.

Fun On a Dime Lady said...

Oh my! That is amazing. I tried to p90x a couple of years ago, but with an infant and a 2 year old I found it difficult to spend a full hour doing it! I would try to wake up at 4:30 am to do it and they'd wake up at 5! I think I'll have to wait until after they are in school. Until then, I have decided to invest in a gym membership where child care is available to help keep them busy and not getting stepped on! Not as effective, but I get a workout! Looking at your pictures makes me very excited about doing it in the future!

Stoping by from SITS. Congratulations on your SITS day!

Shelley said...

DANG! That's so impressive!!!

Baby Sweetness said...

That is AWESOME!

So what do you do after day 90 to keep the shape?

I want to sign up!!!

Donnetta said...

You look fantastic!! WAY TO GO!

Happy SITS day!

the momma said...

Holy CRAP! I'm super impressed! The difference in your waist is OUTSTANDING! I may have to rethink the P90X thing (I totally laughed at hubby when he said he was going to try it....not my most supportive moment)

Jackie at 3littleones said...

happy sits day!!! I am so impressed!!! :) way to go!!!!!

just another Belle said...

wow.... a friend burned the videos for me two months ago. they're still sitting on top of the dvd player, untouched. maybe this will motivate me. you look great!

stopping by from SITS :)

Alyna, The Gift Detective said...

Wow! You are doing such a great job!!! Congratulations. Now I need to check out the P90X post to see how *I* can see this progress!!!

Holly said...

You know what I actually seeing a real persons progress. I have the original Power 90...I have been chicken to get P90X...but your results speak volumes. I see a P90X set in my future.

Kelly McFadden said...

Wow Charlene you have will power!!

Drama mama! said...

OMG! I love it! we have done reserch on it and "want" to buy it but now thanks to you we are going to buy it. You look so great!

MamaWithFlavor said...

You look uh-mazing! What a great inspiration!

TC said...

I have done the low carb thing for months, looks like the p90x is the next step...

Beachbody Coach said...

Awesome job Charlene! At 38 years old P90X has also put me in the best shape of my life. Ever considered turning your passion for fitness and P90X into a business? You can make an extra income with P90X. Keep up the great work.

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